Saturday, November 20, 2010

85th, 86th, 87th, 88th outages & fluctuations

Our one and only power company, KPLC, is at it again. Of late they have been especially more insolent and incompetent than usual, if that is at all possible to imagine.

The inadequacies of their 'services' are totally unacceptable not to mention the fact that all of our equipment that is relying on a steady and predictable supply of electricity, is 'dying' on us. Who will be responsible for the massive cost to have these repaired or replaced? KPLC?

Of course, in any other more 'civilized' and accountable country, this would be the case, but, they will get away as this is a typical 'Banana' Republic where there is rampant corruption, no ethics, no accountability, no professionalism, no law and no justice. If we are not careful, we'll be headed the same way as neighbouring Somalia.

The whole of yesterday, we in Nyali, had a 'planned' outage for so-called 'maintenance' and while, for once, the power came back while it was still daylight - at around 4.30 pm, we have been having constant fluctuations since then. The latest being this morning around 8.00 am.

So, what maintenance was KPLC doing, yesterday, when immediately after we suffered fluctuations? One wonders what these people really do during such times.....

I also wonder how many more we are going to suffer in the coming days.

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