Saturday, November 6, 2010

77th, 78th, 79th, 80th & 81st outages

Since the last time I wrote, 2 days ago, we've had at least 5 outages including one today. And nearly everytime I've tried calling any of the emergency numbers, they do not get answered. Also, by the time they might finally answer, the power miraculously comes back. So, one does not bother with these insensitive people who don't pick up even emergency numbers.

But, this afternoon at about 12.45pm the power suddenly went off and again trying to raise them up, took a while. When someone finally answered, they had no idea about it, as usual, and I was told that a team would be sent forthwith.

Now, considering that the KPLC emergency offices are at the other end of the island of Mombasa, we would be without power for quite a while. That is, their truck would have to make it's way across town and the only access route to the North mainland, the traffic jammed Nyali bridge. As mentioned umpteen times before, this exercise is an extremely expensive and impractical one when one considers the numbers of outages we suffer in the North Coast on any given day.

Constant suggestion - why doesn't KPLC have separate emergency offices out here somewhere, so that they can respond and restore our power faster?

I don't know for how many YEARS we are going to continue suffering these constant outages and the thousands of shillings worth of damage they cause.... What an irresponsible company!

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