Sunday, November 21, 2010

89th, 90th and counting....., outages

Right after I wrote and sent the '85th to 88th outages', yesterday, the power went off as if in retaliation for about half an hour. Added to this was that not even their so-called emergency numbers were being picked up. In fact, those had been switched off!

Does this sound like an ethical, professional and responsible company to you? When they switch off their phones? And all of the other 'officials' including Ms. Faith Njuguna seem to have made a pact about not answering their phones, too.

They all seem to be aware of the fact that we have lost power and are desperately trying to inform them and also find out what is the cause of so many outages and fluctuations on any given day. But, since they don't have an answer nor do they want to explain themselves to their consumers, they have refused to answer phone calls.

The NCRRA has asked them countless times to attend one of our monthly meetings to no avail. This too, has been insolently ignored! One gets highly suspicious of the workings of such a company, don't you think? What is it that they are trying to hide?

And the reason for this email today is the outage yesterday afternoon and the current one. I am working on battery power and will only be able to send this email after we have our power back.

I wonder what was the cause of it, yesterday and the one today and how long this one will last for and what kind of maintenance did they do on these lines day before yesterday, Friday.

Is KPLC taking us back in time to the days of living in caves and communicating with drum beats and fire and smoke? Please, we are urbanites who have no idea how to do this. Or should we get some people (I bet they are in very short supply), to start teaching us how to do this.

We are all getting thoroughly fed up of KPLC and it's misbehaviour and unaccountability.

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