Sunday, November 14, 2010

82nd, 83rd & 84th outages

Last Thursday, we had an outage and a number of power surges in between, etc., but, since last night, they have been getting much, much worse.

Not only this, but, now even emergency numbers have ceased being that. So, what is the point of having them known as such? There is also the matter of the people at the other end, like the Controller, who refuse to tell you what they are up to, i.e. why we are having the latest power outage.

This is strange since they can tell you for how long we're going to suffer from their incompetence, but, not what the problem is. Why is that?

Yesterday night we had an outage which lasted for over 2 hours and this morning barely 12 hours later, it has gone off, again and it is already over an hour that it has gone. I am writing this on battery power but, will not be able to send it immediately due to the fact that my Internet goes off, too, when we have an outage. Therefore, it will sit in my outbox till we see the light!

What a way to spend Sunday....? And in this heat, it's really awful.

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