Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Noise in the name of functions and religion - 35th reminder to NEMA and others concerned....

Last night being a weekday, one would hardly expect a very noisy function to take place, then. But, while the people celebrating whatever it is they want to, whenever they want to, it is not alright for them to disturb the neighbourhood while doing so.

These merry makers seem to be totally oblivious of the fact that their racket is not wanted in any residential neighbourhood with two hospitals within hearing distance. In fact, one is right next to this offending hall that is consistently hired for this purpose.

Also, in this category are the so-called public officials who give out permits for these kinds of functions to be held. They seem to be completely without any sensitivity and deliberately feign ignorance of the fact that this hall as well as other similar venues like churches, mosques and clubs where such noisy events (including prayers), are held will be highly offensive to the ones living within hearing distance of these places. What are the town planners doing about this?

When one rings the cops, they take their own time in taking any action and some even tell us that these people have permits to make their noise till 11.00 pm! How dare any of these public officials decide for us the time to go to sleep? And what about the children, the elderly and the sick? So, while these pests (noise makers), have the so-called 'freedom' of enjoying themselves, the rest of the residents' right of having peace and quiet is usurped.

What kind of justice is this? Can somebody please, explain this to us? What are the various environmental pollution outfits including NEMA doing about it? Don't they have a law regarding noise?

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