Thursday, January 15, 2009

The 188th reminder.... to the PERSON/S CONCERNED - Burst sewage pipe... and the Council

Not only don't we have water coming through our taps, but, thanks to the incompetent and lazy, completely at sea, Council, a burst sewage pipe in one of their estates remains unfixed. This is exposing the residents to untold inconveniences and unhealthy living conditions.

On Tuesday, 13th Jan 2009, the water vendor who brings me 'fresh' water from the water kiosk, while filling my underground water tank, informed me that there was raw sewage getting into the hole in which this water tank stands.

Therefore, I called the Municipal Council's housing manager, Ms. Miriam Moka, to let her know of the situation. She didn't want to have anything to do with it and tried to hedge shirking her responsibilities of activating the relevant department at the Council to deal with the problem. She, when asked, also could not provide me with the telephone contacts of the 'right' person/s.

So, yesterday morning I rang an official of the Coast Water Services Board, who in turn activated the Mombasa Water and Sewerage Company's Mr. Mugo. They, immediately sent over a team to look at the problem and solved as much of it as possible, i.e. what was relevant to them. I was, for once very impressed by their quick response and especially one called Mr. Mwamburi who went out of his way to call the Council's Deputy Engineer, Mr. Mazuri and tell him that the 'ball was now in their court' since in involves fixing a burst sewage pipe which is leaking raw sewage into the hole where my water tank stands.

He also provided me with his (Eng. Mazuri's), mobile number and advised me to call him immediately as well as after a couple of hours to remind him about the issue. I did what he suggested and also to introduce myself to the good engineer. All this took place in the presence of Mr. Mwamburi who was a witness to the first conversation. Eng. Mazuri promised me that he would send somebody over as soon as possible.

Later in the afternoon, I tried calling Eng. Mazuri again to remind him and his phone was switched off. So, I called the helpful Mr. Mwamburi from MOWASCO, again, who was a bit surprised as to why Eng. Mazuri didn't answer his phone. But, he provided me with another name and number. That of Mr. Abdul Majid at the Council who is supposed to be directly involved with such issues.

I at once called his number which he answered but, claimed that he couldn't hear what I was saying and cut the line off. I tried calling again and this time, while he could make out what I was saying said that I should go to the Council to sort this matter as he couldn't understand my accent. We were both talking English.

Subsequent calls to either of the above gentlemen went unanswered for the remainder of the afternoon. Therefore, I troubled Mr. Mwamburi, yet again, to inform him of the latest and though he was out of town at the time, he still tried calling them and then informing me that while Mr. Abdul Majid's phone had been switched off, he managed to talk to Eng. Mazuri who assured him that something would be done about it, though no time frame, or by what date.

This morning, I got a call from Mr. Abdul Majid asking me about the burst sewage pipe and it's location. While I was trying to explain to him the location, he behaved like he didn't even know the Nyerere Municipal Estate and sounded completely at sea. He even told me to come and get him from the Council to show him the exact location. This is very strange and ridiculous since this is a well known Council estate with the Council's own employees living in the staff flats here. The only thing he needed was my flat number.

While he told me that he would come there himself because I refused to play estate guide to him, he or his 'team' have still not appeared on the scene. Maybe, they have lost their way due to the many unplanned 'dwellings' that they (the Council), have allowed to be 'developed' here.....?!

I wonder when the Council will get it's act together and deal with this burst sewage pipe...., if ever? They have no ethics or morals as I've previously mentioned countless times.

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