Monday, January 12, 2009

Messing up our Sunday!

One of the reasons that I'm writing this email at this time is thanks to our useless Kenya Weakness & Darkness otherwise trying to go under the name of KPLC.

Yesterday, on a Sunday, no less, they took away power from the whole town on the pretext of 'maintenance'! Why should maintenance be done on a Sunday when most people are home and would like to relax and in this sweltering heat, need fans that are working, at least?

The excuse given by one Eng. Mbaluka when I asked him this question was that it was like any other day and somebody or the other would have an objection to an outage. Then, another employee of this useless and secretive company (one wonders why they are trying to hide the fact that the whole town of Mombasa was involved or even previously that twice the whole country was in darkness late last year), who was stationed at the emergency office, responded with this, ' but we are not a developed country....', a perpetual song that all of these service providers sing when confronted by a comparison to other more accountable countries is presented to them. No wonder that with such thinking, we will ALWAYS remain what is rudely called a 'banana republic'.

This latest outage of a whole town in the name of 'maintenance' on a Sunday smacks of overtime. That would be the only reason that most of us can think of when these people insensitively take away power on a Sunday! They get more money for 'working' on an 'off' day!

All of our 'service' providers make me thoroughly SICK....., literally! And I, for one have really had it and cannot stand anymore of this horrible attitude on the part of people who are supposed to be providing us services but, don't. Not only this, but, they charge us an arm and a leg for their incompetence and insensitivity, too! Talk about adding salt to an injury....

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