Thursday, January 8, 2009

Missing mail, again

As I mentioned in another email, yesterday, that it's the height of irony to greet another countryman/woman a happy new year. For while on the eve of it, we started in the hesitant hope that it would be better than what we were living behind, (thank God!), just a week into it, and we're swamped with the ever present shoddy 'services' from all quarters!

Of course, most of the so-called 'service' providers starting with the ineffective and horrible council to the water delivery and now the postal 'services'. Nothing works efficiently in this country. At least, not without many visits, calls and frustrations. Why should this be so?

We seem to have the most questionable work ethic and unaccountability everywhere....., including private companies. Why?

This latest is about missing mail. My post box has been surprisingly and strangely empty for the past nearly 4 weeks! Calling the head postmaster (3 times), since yesterday, hasn't brought any light to the condition. How strange that I haven't even received the ever present bills not to mention my official letters from various institutions and the magazines I subscribe to.

The head postmaster, insists that there is no mail for me. My response is - for a week or two this could be possible, but, definitely NOT, for 4 weeks!!!! As I've always maintained, our postal 'services' seem to employ, semi- or illiterates or their employees are under the influence while at work and therefore do not put the right mail into the correct box. In the process our mail goes missing......, sometimes never to be seen, again!

I will be ever so glad on the day that I depart from this horrible and unaccountable country, either to my Maker or to better and 'greener' pastures, Insha'Allah.

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