Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The religious noises continue...

Assalamu alaikum!

It seems that my numerous emails over the YEARS have had little effect on the two parties concerned - the Neno Evangelists who hire the MWA Hall every weekday lunch hours and the neighbourhood little mosque, Rawdha Mosque.

As mentioned before, the louder these people pray, the more lawless and insensitive they prove themselves to be!

What are they trying to prove to everybody who are compelled to listen to their racket? Do they aspire to enter Heaven by doing what they do? Disturbing everybody within hearing distance which includes very sick people in the neigbbouring Aga Khan Hospital and the residents, indiscriminately. Whether they are fellow Muslims and Christians or of another faith or none at all. If they are trying to attract more followers, they are putting them off, in fact.

Neither of these two religions subscribe to noise making and disturbing others, yet, they seem to be under the mistaken impression that using the clause of freedom of religion allows them to make unnecessary noise and making pests of themselves.

During this holy month of Ramadhan we are told that we say extra prayers and that the door of Hell has been closed for the believers. How are we supposed to do this (pray), when this Imam at the contentious mosque is making a racket at every opportunity that he gets? In fact, his practices are like a living HELL on Earth for the neighbourhood!

Then, this neighbourhood in general is lawless in the extreme when they and their children show little respect for the property of others, yet, this Imam and his followers would like to make a show of being very 'holy'. They cannot even discipline themselves and by extension their children into being God fearing human beings. One example is the setting off, of my car alarm EVERY time they pass from there and also deliberately doing so at others. The car is not getting in anybody's way, nor has the owner done any harm to them (except writing these emails), yet, they set it off so many times, that the battery goes down and the next time I need to go out, it has a problem starting.

Are these very 'holy' people who make pests of themselves by conducting their prayers and thereby disturbing others, going to go straight to Heaven as they imagine? Just because they believe that the door to Hell has been closed during this blessed month, they can do as they please without any repercussions?

Let me defog their minds that this is not so. Everytime they do this (them and their children), who disturb the neighbourhood, they are being cursed!

We're told in the Holy Qur'an (which this Imam recites at the top of his voice every single day after Asr prayers but doesn't seem to follow it's teachings), that reciting it during the early hours of the morning carries it's own special blessing, as it's so nice and quiet and peaceful, but, one cannot do this as loud prayers are going on in the mosque. There's hardly any time where one can do this as there are either loud prayers being led there or we're being compelled to listen to the recitation of the Holy Book. We too, need to have the time in the day to do so in between our other work. Also, the tarawih prayers are conducted loudly and we can't sleep early if we wanted to. This is a gross injustice!

Can ANYBODY do anything about this?


CC Imam of Rawdha Mosque or whoever is in charge, there - hand delivered

District Commissioner, Mombasa - hand delivered

Provincial Commissioner, Coast Province - hand delivered

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