Friday, October 19, 2007

Emailing: Stealthily backing up!, Doing it's best to be 'silent' while backing up, Has backed up within inches of the gate to the truck park!, Parked

Very early this morning this neighbourhood was 'treated' to a stealthily driven huge container trailer which arrived right into our estate to be able to access the contentious truck park!

Check the timings on the pictures attached. When the various people connected to the truck park and the trailer saw me taking these pictures, they had a quick 'conference', and within minutes of arriving on the scene, goodness knows to off-load what, it took off without doing what it had come there, to do. Also, they will most likely re-appear on the scene later today when everybody knows that I will be away for a few hours, gone for Friday prayers. This behaviour raises some interesting thoughts and questions....

Why come at that hour of the night? Considering Nyerere Avenue which has recently been re-done by the Ministry of Roads and Public Works after months of fixing the drainage there, etc., I've been told that such huge monstrosities are not to be allowed on any of the town roads made by them. Therefore, this trailer was breaking a law and hence, the chosen timing of arriving here. This too, was an illegal move as this is a residential area/estate and such things should NOT be allowed in. For the same reason that the truck park should not be in existence here, either. It's breaking various Municipal, traffic and environmental laws, not to mention that it is on a road reserve (I've been told this by a very reliable source). But, our Council being totally corrupt and useless, is NOT capable of applying any of it's own by-laws forget about any other ones, and because, it's the same Council that is responsible for 'allocating' in the mid-1990's, this road reserve to Nisha Printers, on what grounds would it, now, bring order to it?

Therefore, this Council should be made null and void and everybody there shown the DOOR! It has no reason for it's existence. Also, now that the Ministry has fixed the various roads all over town and it's environs, how are they going to ensure that such insolence does not carry on. Fine, the Council has been told to keep off heavy traffic from their newly fixed roads, but, if this Council is left to itself, they cannot be bothered as they themselves are usually the cause of the residents' problems ......, as well as the Ministry of Roads and Public Works!

Now, the challenge is - how and by whom, is law and order going to be applied effectively?! We need some very dedicated, ethical and straight characters, here.

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