Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Emailing: It left in the morning, empty, Came back, later, full of sand, Leaving, again, this morning..., leaving to go goodness knows where....

The attached pics tell their own story, of course, but it warrants some explanation.

It is so strange that this is allowed to continue despite the officials of the Ministry of Roads and Public Works having told the Council, otherwise. That is, to quit using the town roads that are being re carpeted by them and to NOT ALLOW heavy vehicles on them! It seems most of our heavy vehicles in cahoots with the Council, are bent on breaking the law and making nonsense of our nicely fixed roads.

The pictures just show one such proof of the Council's incompetence in even applying their own by-laws, hence, my continued grouch that they should ALL be sacked and new people with professionalism, ethics and accountability, hired to man the Council!

Another example, as a side issue, being that I, with other tenants of these Council flats, suddenly received a hand written and hand delivered notice to go to the Housing office at Buxton (the other side of town, for us), at 9.00 am this morning. This was brought to us by somebody at around 4.00 pm, yesterday, 30th October 2007, and while it's not written in the notice, I was told to go with all of my receipts of 2006 and 2007.

Now, sending a notice so late in the day and not even giving us even 24 hours to prepare, is typical of our Council and it's high handed ways. It is not possible for most of us to get to their said offices at 9.00 am and therefore, many of us will go late. I wonder, what the reception will be? And why, they are calling us there? The written part of their notice says something about their ledger books, but, don't they have a record in this 21st Century in the days of computers, where they can access all the information they want without inconveniencing their tenants?

Also, despite having officially changed the flat to my name immediately on my father's demise in late 1995, the notice still is in his name. Another, pointer as to how 'efficient' these people are. I personally, am really dreading going there and dealing with incompetents.

Of course, you will all hear more about my misadventures there, in due course.....

It left in the morning, empty
Came back, later, full of sand
Leaving, again, this morning...
leaving to go goodness knows where....

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