Thursday, October 18, 2007


As I write this, there is such a racket coming from Mombasa Women's Hall which is right next to Aga Khan Hospital's ICU wing, also, that I wonder what the condition of the patients there must be. If, the residents can hardly hear themselves think or do anything productive while this racket goes on, I truly sympathize and fear for the condition of the patients at the hospital.

Ringing an Inspector's mobile number which I happen to have, has done no good, either. According to our 'officialdom', one can make as much religious noise ANYWHERE in the country and NOBODY is going to do anything about it as so many of these questionable characters are either superstitious in the extreme or 'saved' and therefore, such nuisances are allowed according to them

Soon the mosque will also start it's noisy prayers, but, the NENO noise is so loud that it's even 'eclipsing' that!

And considering that NEMA, in 2005 passed a law about noise making, very few, in officialdom seem to be able to invoke that to stop the present pests. In fact, the DC and the Deputy PC, both of whom I went to see recently regarding this everyday menace, were very averse to applying the law in this case. Why? What are they afraid of? I thought that it's their job to do so, especially when it's there as a law and they just have to make sure that it's adhered to.

The whole set-up is becoming quite unbearable and for the life of me, cannot understand the reason for this kind of worshiping. I would call it utter selfishness and insensitiveness on the organizers part and fie on them!

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