Saturday, September 29, 2007


I'm writing this in the hope that our Council will rouse itself from its perpetual slumber to address the condition of the roads in this 'city' which are it's responsibility.

Now, that the Ministry has taken notice and is fixing the ones that fall under it, the majority of Mombasa roads, unfortunately fall under our questionable and foggy Council. Some of the roads have not been 'touched' since Independence, judging from the condition they have now become.

While they collect huge amounts from all over in the form of various taxes, rates, etc., due to their (the Council), bloated and corrupt condition, they are perpetually running out of cash. Also, it's been quite a while since anybody did an audit of their accounts.

One such road is the Liwatoni Road on which reside many, industries who pay this Council a very fat sum every year, month, etc., in licenses, rates & taxes, not to mention the road and fuel levy via the petrol/diesel that their cars, lorries & trucks consume almost on a daily basis. Then, to add insult to injury, because of the awful condition of the access road, they also have to pay extra for the many breakdowns that these vehicles go through, in maintenance. This last, if it was any other more accountable and organized country, the Council would have been taken to task and probably court for the damage their incompetence creates. In fact, it would be a very good idea if all of the businesses and people who are compelled to use this awful road (and any other, for that matter), would get together and sue this horrible non-performing Council.

Another suggestion would be that they return the 'road' to the condition it was in before tarmac was applied to it, i.e. make it into a murrum one, again. This would at least be less damaging to the vehicles plying it.

Because, when it comes to collecting their dues, this Council and the rest of our government seems to be very efficient, including KRA, but, when it's time to use this money they have collected to offer services, they start singing the same old and tired song of, 'we don't have money'! Could they please explain to the public what happens to the millions that the govt. collects in road/fuel levy that it collects almost on a daily basis? After all we have millions of vehicles filling up all over the country on any given day. What exactly do they do with this money?

Also, there's a railway line passing through and I'm sure that due to the condition of this road, there are many trains that get derailed. Ironically, the KPLC emergency offices are also accessed via this same horrible road. Getting there for customers is an awful experience and some 'tuk tuks' refuse to take you there or go anywhere along that road for fear of damage to their vehicles and/or overturning due to the huge pot-holes. And what about the emergency cars and trucks from KPLC using this EVERY SINGLE DAY?!!!

Then, our traffic police tell us that our vehicles are unroadworthy. It's more like our vehicles are not made for such horrible roads as we find in this country!

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