Friday, September 28, 2007

Demise of the neighbourhood neem tree!

I got up to find that the one and only neighbourhood neem tree is being chopped off! I immediately rang up the local offices of NEMA and talked to the Provincial Environment Officer, Mr. Ochieng, but as soon as I told him who I was, he started laughing and when I told him about the neem tree being made past tense, he laughed further and asked me about who had planted it. I told him the Municipal Council, years ago (during colonial times), and then he said something that proved beyond a shadow of doubt that the NEMA officers, at least in this town (city?), are just there to have a glorified holiday. He told me to contact the Council about it. When I told him that they did not have any working land line and did not know anybody's mobile number, he laughed further. This attitude irked me beyond belief and I threatened that I would take pictures of it and send to everybody as proof and without waiting for his reply, hung up.

The pictures, of course speak for themselves and I've made an arrow pointing out the Councillor who lives downstairs to me and who is overseeing the cutting of the tree.

This is the 3rd time over the years that these people have been bent on cutting this tree. The previous two times, I was successful in arresting it, but, I think today, all that is going to remain of it will be a sorry looking stump. As I write this, the cutting is going on in earnest, despite them having seen me taking the photographs. How insolent can our Council, get?!

All this is happening with impunity because, the contentious well (see my previous emails with pics), has been allowed to 'develop'. Now, there will be no end to the lawlessness taking place in this estate, unfortunately....

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