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Zakir Naik’s Peace TV Banned in India

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Zakir Naik's Peace TV Banned in India


Finally, the efforts of Agniveer to combat anti-national terror forces have yielded results. After detailed analyses of evil designs of promoter(s) of the threatening Peace TV made public by Agniveer, it has finally been banned by Intelligence Bureau, Government of India. To broadcast this channel now or support anti-India propaganda is a criminal offence.

It was exactly three years ago when Agniveer spearheaded the intellectual crusade against open terrorism by radical Islamist Zakir Naik. As liberal and secular Indians, it was impossible for us to even imagine that, in India, someone can threaten apostates (those who change their religion) of death penalty or abuse gods and deities of other faiths or insult Prophet whom billions of devotees consider messenger of God. But all this happened and kept happening for years. A man called Zakir Naik continued to enjoy the freedom of speech regardless of blasphemous acts he committed against all religions and their founders.

Some 3 years ago, Agniveer received a message. It was sent by an IRF (Islamic Research Foundation, Zakir Naik's organization) official. The person gave reference to one of our articles on Vedas and mocked our efforts of reviving Vedic faith. 

He wrote-
Your religion of Vedas will die soon. We are converting Indians @ millions per month and your people will not even realize when they would become minority in this land. In next five years, India will be a Wahabi majority country. (He actually wrote Muslim Majority country but Islam as per them is Wahabism alone and they consider other Muslims like Sufis, Barelvis, Deobandis, Ahmadis and Shias as Kafirs/infidels/Non-Muslims. On their Peace TV, they often appeal to destroy these infidels).

This IRF official further wrote-
Agniveer! Convert to Islam soon or else you have no future. We invite you to the Peace Conference in which Dr Zakir Naik will welcome you to Islam and accept you all as his team members on stage and you will be his allies in his Dawah project (conversion). But if you refuse there is darkness ahead.

Till that date we never took this man called Zakir Naik and his works seriously. But that day we realized the gravity of the matter. A man was openly challenging us of converting this whole nation into slaves of Arabs on our own forum in our own country! This was alarming. And that was the time when Agniveer decided to fight this fanatic tooth and nail and destroy his evil designs against our motherland and its habitants he had planned with millions of petrodollars and support from Middle East.

We researched on this man and his work and were shocked completely. We found this man more dangerous than Osama Bin Laden and Taliban for society, country and world. His speeches, writings and ideology were so dangerous that no sensible person would ever agree to. We will discuss few of them here one by one so that readers could imagine how grievous it is to let this man preach in civilized world.

1. His hatred towards Prophet Muhammad, Founder of Islam  
a. He claimed that Prophet was a demon
While he was pretending to be a devout Muslim and representative of the only right sect of Islam leading to heaven, his hatred towards Prophet Muhammad was exposed soon. Zakir Naik claimed that a character named Mahamada in Bhavishya Purana, the book of Hindus, who was incarnation of Demon Tripurasur and was termed as 'Ghost' and 'Rascal' is none other than Prophet Muhammad. He preached this lie day in and day out and tried to fool Muslims and Hindus for months together. Soon Agniveer gave a tight slap to this fanatic for his heinous attempt of denigrating Prophet. Agniveer established that Mahamada of Bhavishya Puran is not Prophet Muhammad. Kindly visit this to read further.  Agniveer also warned Muslims that this man is the biggest enemy of Islam today and needs to be stopped.

b. He praised Yazeed and prayed for him despite that Yazeed was responsible for killing Prophet Muhammad's grandson in battle of Karbala and the massacre afterwards that claimed thousands of lives and rapes.

c. His Peace TV scholars provoked people to attack celebrations of Prophet Muhammad's Birthday

Israr Ahmed, Main Scholar, Peace TV says-
"Attack those people physically and verbally who celebrate Milad Un Nabi- Birthday of Prophet Muhammad (saw).. Only those will be true Muslims who will wage Jihad against celebration of Prophet's Birthday.

By now his hatred for Prophet Muhammad was exposed. But he did not stop here. He went on to threaten all Muslims in the name of divine law.

2. His hatred for Muslims and apostates
He said- Any Muslim who propagates the new religion after leaving Islam must be killed as per Sharia. He equated apostasy to treason and, in hurry, forgot that he himself converts people from other faiths into his Wahabi cult and thus is guilty of making thousands of people committing treason! Interestingly, he also forgot that he himself belongs to a lineage in which someone committed apostasy (treason in Naik's words!) few generations ago but retained his surname, and as a result, he is Zakir NAIK!

3. His hatred for Non-Muslims
a. All Non Muslims will go to hell no matter they are as noble as Mother Teresa. But terrorists like Osama Bin Laden are his favorites for heaven!

b. No Non-Muslim can preach his/her religion in his Wahabi rule. So his demand is simple, you allow me, in your rule, to preach that I will not allow you to preach once I get the ruling power! He often equates this logic (?) with an arithmetic relation 2+2=4, why, only God knows!

c. Non Muslims can't enter the cities of Mecca and Medina. If they want to, they should convert to Islam first. 

4. His hatred for womanhood
According to Zakir Naik, women are dumb, mischievous, crooked, and source of evil. They can be beaten. They can be married up to 4 by a single man. They can be kept as concubines or sex slaves also. And after all this, still according to him, majority of women will go to hell. This zombie fails to realize that by uttering this he is not just insulting womanhood in general but his own mother also who is the very reason for his existence!

5. His hatred for gods and deities of other faiths- he insulted Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva, Jesus and their authenticity.

6. His allies provoked killing of Ahmadis/Qadiyanis
-Israr Ahmed, Main Scholar, Zakir Naik's Peace TV says-
Kill Ahmadis/Qadiyanis for they are no longer faithful. Kill the apostates…
(listen from 1:15 in video)

7. He insulted National Song- Vande Mataram

8. His allies are planning to attack India- Ghazwa e Hind
Israr Ahmed, Zakir Naik's Peace TV main orator says-
Combined Lashkars (gangs) of Ghazis from Pakistan and Afghanistan will attack India and establish Khilafat soon. This is divine will that will be fulfilled.

9. Peace TV scholars threaten Non Muslims to either get converted or get killed
Israr Ahmed, Main Scholar of Zakir Naik's Peace TV says-
"There are only three options for Non Muslims in an Islamic state- Either they convert to Islam and enjoy equal social and religious status as Muslims or they remain as inferior and second grade citizens with no rights or we will fight them with sword." 

10. Peace TV people and their organizations have ties with Pakistan's intelligence agency, ISI Tanzeem e Islami, founded by Israr Ahmed, Peace TV Scholar and ally of Zakir Naik has relations with Pakistani Intelligence agency ISI that waged several wars against India and is actively involved in acts of terrorism in India. Here is General Hameed Gul, former Director General, ISI, invited in Peace TV Scholar's Tanzeem, delivering lecture.

And here is the same gentleman Hameed Gul threatening India of bombing its Silicon Valley Bangalore to clouds of smoke! 

11. Peace TV people and their organizations have ties with Hafiz Saeed – 26/11 mastermind, Chief, Lashkar e Taiyaba.
Peace TV's Israr Ahmed's Tanzeem e Islami has relations with terrorist Hafiz Saeed. In the video below, Saeed is addressing gathering organized by Tanzeem.

Agniveer had realized that Zakir Naik and his team are not religious preachers at all. Rather they are a bunch of anti nationals funded by foreign money to fulfil single point agenda of destroying India. They were misusing Islam as a tool to further their evil designs. And then we unambiguously declared Zakir Naik as a terrorist. We defined terrorist as one who instigates terror acts – directly or indirectly. We went on to systematically expose Zakir Naik and his perverted viewpoints that were increasingly becoming the bible of fanatic minds.

We raised awareness against this threat to nation and humanity. We exposed how Peace TV insults Islam and its founder. We exposed how misdeeds of Zakir Naik have caused the world to perceive Islam as religion of fanatics. We exposed how his perversion is affecting Muslims and Non-Muslims alike.

Slowly but surely, our tirade against Peace TV strengthened. Our articles became the most popular content on Zakir Naik and Peace TV available online and they spread viral.
Now Muslims started questioning him openly. Even his erstwhile supporters started dissociating themselves from him. Many Islamic Scholars from major sects issued Fatwa against him. But it took time. And we feel so guilty that we could not speed up our efforts. Due to this delay, many more communal riots happened in last few years. Sometimes in Kashmir, sometimes in UP, sometimes in heart of Mumbai. So much so that an entire community of our country – our brothers living in hills of North-East were shamelessly driven away from entire country. We alerted government agencies, networked with nationalist individuals and organisations, and invested its tan-man-dhan (body, mind and earnings) to expose the Peace TV, but still it took time to awaken those in deep sleep.

But after every dark night, there is a sunrise. Finally the government has woken up to our clarion call. Intelligence Bureau has echoed the perceptions of Agniveer and has officially banned Peace TV along with 23 other anti-national channels. It has clearly stated that these channels promote terrorism and pose a security risk to the nation. 

O by the way, did we mention that Somaiya Ground – where Zakir Naik used to have his grand Peace TV mega events in Mumbai, funded by Arab petrodollars has refused to allow his nefarious events any more?!

Now we need not debate with Zakir Naik or his followers. After all do you debate with Osama or Kasab or any terrorist? You simply deal with them as per law of any civilised country. Thus we strongly urge our followers to stop any further debates and arguments with Zakir Naik and his followers. Simply report them to Intelligence Bureau.

And we urge all nationalists to take the fire initiated by Agniveer to next level by leading the following pending tasks:

- Ban on Facebook and twitter accounts of Peace TV, IRF, Zakir Naik and his gang whose channel has been officially banned by government of India
(Update: As per latest information, the Facebook Page of Zakir Naik has also now been removed)

- Support the Intelligence Bureau by reporting any cyber-terrorism or support for Peace TV to Intelligence officials

- Demand for probe in lives and accounts of those politicians and celebrities who have attended 
Peace TV's functions and applauded the channel and its founders.

- Demand for complete ban on all videos of Zakir Naik in youtube and other video channels

- Demand for legal action against Zakir Naik in lines of action against his Peace TV.

Few words to followers of Zakir Naik

Dear Brothers and Sisters, We know it is difficult to reject someone you have respected for years for knowledge and persona. But what would you do if a scholar of all books of the world insults your mother? Would you keep turning a blind eye to his crime against mother just because he is a scholar of all religions who can recall verses with chapter no and page no? If no then how can you support him after he has been found working against your motherland? No true son or daughter of Bharat Mata will support traitors like Naik who have links with anti national elements. Its your test now of how much you loved your country, your motherland. Choice is yours…

So now while Agniveer moves ahead to bring more light of truth, we urge our well-wishers, friends and followers to take this mission ahead. We planted the seed and nurtured the bud. Now it is in your hands to make it into a healthy plant that bears more seeds, while we move ahead to plant more seeds elsewhere.

But remember, if enemy has hatred, gimmicks, deceit, and violence, you must have love, truth, wisdom and bravery to win. Be winner. Be Agniveer..
May the truth prevail! May the peace prevail! May the love prevail!

PS: If you find the banned Peace TV (or other 23 sister channels) being broadcasted anywhere in India, kindly report the matter to security agencies. You can make official complaint against anti-national elements in local police station, or write to Home Ministry/ Intelligence Bureau. 

You can contact them on following address:
Ministry of Home Affairs, North Block
Central Secretariat
New Delhi – 110 001
Phone: 23092161,23092011
Fax: 23093750, 23092763

'One learned man is harder on the devil than a thousand ignorant worshipers': Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)


Anonymous said...

It is the oldest nature of human being,.that whenever someone who enlightens the truth have to strive,struggle and face a lot of problem from the people.who could not judge in between good and bad and make their own loss in both lives i.e before n after death by protesting against a good man (DR ZAKIR NAIK)Who served his golden life in serving the hummanity to take all human being beneath on shade i.e shade of ''PEACE''.


Anonymous said...

Ri8 after all he said all these with refrences from authentic resources.

Raziya Mohamedali said...

What references did he give regards to terrorism and killing of non-muslims?

There is no backing in the Holy Qur'an and if he used the Hadith then, it is of no significance if it is not supported by the Holy Qur'an.

So, what were the references that he gave to back up his 'violent Islam' claim?