Thursday, April 14, 2016

'Poor' Kenya Power....!

The fluctuations began here in Umoja Estate at around 8.30 am when I called Eng. Biwott who would not answer his phone.

Therefore, I waited and tried again just before 9.00 am and this time he answered and assured me that he would get the thing seen to immediately. So, I waited some more and when, after half an hour there was no change, I called him again to find out how long it would take for the thing to be fixed.

This is when he informs me that he was no longer stationed in Mombasa and another by the name of Mohammed Amiyo was in his place and that he would SMS me his contact which he immediately and mercifully, did.

Then, I called Mr. Amiyo and informed him of the problem and he promised me that he would look into  it and call me back after investigating what was causing it. He did call me back a few minutes later to tell me that there was no  record of any complaints at their call centre and therefore it could be a localized problem. And he would send a team over to our estate immediately.

Well, I waited and waited and waited ..... and am still waiting as I write this but after 3 hours (it's now over 4 hours), I called him again and he would not answer his phone anymore. So, I sent him a whatsapp message to ask why he was not answering his phone after which he did answer but had nothing to tell me other than to wait! The team was on its way...

I, therefore, called the County Business Manager, Mr. Kennedy Owino who answered (he usually does), and he told me that he would find out and revert back to me.

He did in a few minutes and told me that their truck and team was sent to other more urgent work somewhere in Bamburi and would soon be coming our way to sort things out. 

Now, my question to Kenya Power is how come they have only one team at a time working in a big 'city' like Mombasa with mega power problems and not more? Are they so poor as to not be able to afford more? Despite, charging its customers an arm and a leg for VERY SHODDY SERVICES?

We are still suffering from mega fluctuations and there is not a sign or word from Kenya Power other than to 'have patience'. 

As I mentioned in my earlier missive, we are told by all kinds of 'service' providers, most of which charge us a hefty sum, to have patience. We are TIRED of this constant repetition of this word which is misused to cover a multitude of inefficiencies.

So, now will Kenya Power be responsible for the stuff in my fridge which is slowly getting spoilt due to it being switched off by the voltage regulator and pay me for the result of their negligence and inefficiency? 

Tell us, Kenya Power, for we are FED UP of your insolent behaviour.

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