Saturday, April 16, 2016

Pathetic 'services' by Kenya Power

The update from my last email re 'poor KPLC', their inefficiencies know no bounds.

That day, despite having informed them of the fluctuations since 8.30 am, their 'fundis' (I'll call them that since they were anything but professional), showed up at around 4.00 pm. They tinkered around with our meter box, could not find anything and then took a 'tour' of the estate to 'find' the fault and then left without telling us what if anything they found or did not.

As there was no change in the fluctuations (improvement), I started calling the many officials' phone numbers that I have. 

One of these when he finally answered had no answer to my various questions and instead started telling me off regarding my way of talking to them (harshly). What do they expect after spending HOURS without proper power, with things getting defrosted in the fridge, etc.,?!

He claimed that (including himself), they were all scared of me!!!! This is laughable. If they were, they would not be subjecting me to these long waits.

Anyway, I next called our Regional Manager, Mr. Mwalala who in turn told me that he would see what can be done and cut off...

Next, I tried the 'new', Mr. Mohammed Amiyo who has replaced Mr. Biwott. For once he answered and told me he was on his way to our estate and would be there in a few minutes.

True to his word, he was at my doorstep in about 15 minutes. He, too, had a look at our meter box and then went straight to the transformer that supplies us. There, he finally found what ailed it and decided that it needed replacing. This was just around sunset. 

He then ordered for another transformer from town and told me that the whole operation would take at least 2 hours.

It seems that KPLC loves working in the dark because this is the fourth transformer that is being replaced since I have come to stay in this estate nearly six years ago!

The thing finally arrived at about 9.00 pm (over 12 hours from the time of reporting), and we were plunged into darkness till they got the thing fixed at just before 11.00 pm. Over 14 hours after reporting that our various electrical appliances started working properly.

Why does Kenya Power work in this procrastinating manner, always? And as I mentioned, this was the 4th transformer being replaced and everytime it has been done in the dead of night. Why? In this case as well as previous ones, they had the option of doing so in the daytime, but, they delayed things till night. They inconvenience everybody by  doing this.

Now, there are other cases all over Nyali who have suddenly lost power for no reason and despite some of these 'officials' being informed and who  are on the Whatsapp residents' group list, there is no response from any of them, yet.

There is one particular one - A/c No. 0434314-2 whose ref. No. is 2643033 (which he finally got via Facebook at midnight), which has one phase not working since over 30 hours, now, but no response from Kenya Power. Why?

What is the matter with Kenya Power? In fact, I have been told by a neighbour who lives next to the transformer which they replaced two days ago, has been fixed in a very crooked manner and is wondering if she and other immediate neighbours are safe. What shoddy work!

Are not the employees proud of their work? Makes one wonder about the quote, 'if something needs to be done, it should be done properly'. These people hardly ever do. In the process of fixing one thing, they create another!

Therefore, one reaches the conclusion that these people are not proud of what they do and are there just to receive their salaries at the end of the month. This is what ails most 'service' providers in the country, unfortunately. Also, it reflects negatively on our educational institutions.

Pathetic work!

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