Sunday, April 3, 2016

Persistent outages.....

Nearly every single day, we, in Nyali either suffer from outages or fluctuations or both.

I personally inform our Kenya Power officialdom as soon as I experience fluctuations an example being yesterday early morning when I got up to pray at 5.00 am. 

I wonder if our chief engineer did anything about  them when I reported them because, later in the day they started again and since they are usually a precursor to mega outages that last for hours on end, I called him again and within minutes of my call we were plunged into an oppressive, hot and humid outage which also coincided with much needed rain.

Then Kenya Power went on its way to find the fault to Kipevu. By the time they found the fault the rain had stopped and it was already over 2 hours since we were plunged into a heated darkness.

It took them another hour to restore power which made our misery three and a half hours long.

Now, again, my question to Kenya Power is, 'why do  most of these outages affect Nyali so much and why do they mostly happen at nights?' And as I  mentioned in my last email, why does Mombasa in general suffer more outages than the rest of the country? This is very sinister...

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