Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fwd: Unbearable noise coming from the ASK Showground....

Despite having written this last night as an appeal to the ASK Showground authorities as well as NEMA (which is proving itself to  be a very 'cosmetic' outfit without ANY TEETH WHATSOEVER!), there seems to be no reduction in the noise level and sounds like we are in for  another sleepless night!

As Kenyans we are known to be quite lawless in ALL of our dealings with officialdom, and this seems to be just another example of how far this lawlessness goes. Though, there are environmental laws in place regarding noise, it seems that these are applied selectively - only when it suits officialdom.

In nearly in every other town in this lawless country of ours, this ASK Show is held quite far from the town and especially residential areas, except in Mombasa. Why? If these organizers of the 'show' insist on playing their boom, boom and ear splitting 'music' all through the night, we the residents of Nyali and all those within hearing distance of their racket have to insist that they henceforth hold this obnoxious 'show' on the outskirts of town and not within it's boundaries, please.

We are getting thoroughly FED UP of this persistent racket that we are inundated with for 5 days and the insolent attitude of it's organizers who are ignoring the residents' appeal. In fact, we thoroughly HATE IT!!!!

Please get out of town and stay out as long as you want to make a racket.

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