Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Unbearable noise coming from the ASK Showground....

Every year we, who live in Nyali in the environs of the ASK Showground DREAD this event! 

Why? The racket that comes out of that place is terrible and gives us sleepless nights and headachy days..... for 5 CONTINUOUS DAYS!!!!!

There is  a NEMA noise pollution law that says that any sound should not travel beyond 30 meters from the source, but, this one travels far beyond that limit. In fact, it's heard on the Island of Mombasa, too.

Then, the unfortunate part of all this is that, it goes on 24 hours a day for all the 5 days that the 'show' is on. Most of us HATE it!!!!

Do you people really care about the effect loud and sustained noise has on the human psyche? Please, do think about this and reduce the racket. It will be much appreciated.

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