Friday, October 12, 2012

What is KPLC up to....?!

Living at the Coast is becoming a very trying experience. 

What with an uncooperative weather, which floods our roads, estates, etc., when it pours with an equally pathetic infrastructure,especially our useless KPLC which has morphed itself into being called 'Kenya Power'. Is it, really?! I doubt it very much.

I believe, that the ONLY thing that might get them working and being accountable and 'enthusiastic' about their work and on their toes is a VERY BIG LAWSUIT from the frustrated and long suffering consumers.

Of late, we have been having so many outages, fluctuations and a don't care attitude from it's employees that it's becoming close to insolence.

I was told just this afternoon that they no longer care about their customers and the fact that our various electrical devices go on the blink thanks to their unpredictable 'power' supply.

There is no accountability from their so-called professionals and I'm beginning to suspect that they have no ethics or morals, either.

Today, is a case in point. Since very early in the morning (3.26 am), when the power suddenly went off, I tried calling their various Engineers who are supposed to be in-charge of our area. No reply. It took them over 3 hours to restore supply, but an hour later, it went off again. Tried calling those numbers, again. No answer.

So, then I called their Regional Manager, Mr. Mkomba who mercifully answered. When I told him that the power had gone off the 2nd time since around 3.30 am, he claimed that he was at their sub-station and there was power there. Thereby insinuating that I was imagining things!!! But, while we were talking, it came back and I informed him of that.

Then, again in the afternoon sometime, it went off and didn't come back till over an hour later.

Again, within the hour of it coming back, it went off, though one of the engineers had sent me an SMS at about 5.45 pm telling me that it would be gone for an hour.

In the course of the many outages today, I asked them everytime what the problem was but got nowhere.

Once the phone was abruptly disconnected and the next time it was the usual line of, 'first, let us get your power back....'.

This means that there is no valid and solid excuse for our numerous outages and one gets the feeling that these people are up to something fishy...

Why is Coast Province and especially Mombasa the only place in the entire country which suffers the most unexplained outages? There definitely is something shady going on. We're beginning to suspect this since there is no valid explanation forthcoming from these people.

So, Kenya Power, you seem to represent more of darkness than anything else!

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