Tuesday, October 30, 2012

After a few days of respite...

Since my last email to our redoubtable 'Kenya Power' (weakness), there were a few days of respite from the unending and without explanation power outages/fluctuations but, since last week and specifically on the eve of our Eid, i.e. Thursday night, these have returned.

Now, one wonders if KP(LC), employees are like little children who have to be constantly reminded and threatened about their work and ethics. Because, like them (the children), one word of warning is NOT enough since they have short memories and soon forget and revert back to their disturbing ways.

The height of both outage and fluctuations began around 9.00 pm last night. First, there remained a low voltage (sollatek devices on red), for a few hours and then, the power went off altogether and didn't return till around 4.00 am this morning. 

Of course, after the initial answer to my call all subsequent ones went unanswered or were deliberately cut. Why? Is it because they would find my questions difficult to answer?

Therefore, one would expect that these so-called 'professionals' would have had enough time to rectify whatever ailed our interrupted power supply but, no. 

Just before 1.00 pm it went off yet again and as usual nobody was answering, either. Finally, their Regional Manager, Mr. Mkomba did and he told me that he would investigate and revert back to me, but still has not. In the meantime the power returned after an outage of over an hour!

Still no reason given for this latest one, either.

This so-called power company of ours should start being accountable to it's customers and stop treating them with impunity.

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