Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our inhuman POSTA!

Our postal 'services' are not only thoroughly inefficient and highly expensive, but, I've just discovered, they are completely inhuman, too.

The only thing that dictates their shoddy services is MONEY!!!! Nothing else besides for they can't even understand a person's many problems and not only refuse to help, but, the only thing they want one to do in these expensive, difficult and trying times is just pay them extra for any little request that one might ask of them.

As mentioned previously, POSTA has lost at least two of my letters since the beginning of the year and they have no explanation for this other than the reason that they were forwarding my mail to the Mkomani post office. Since I've moved in that area last year, the then, head post master, Mr. Khator, had been good enough to grant me this facility at no cost because getting a box in Mkomani would be a needless expense. For one, I would have to inform countless people of my change of address and since I'm retired/unemployed, disabled and hardly go into town, a needless and extra expense. Also, he knows about the disease that I suffer from and it's not always convenient for me to make my way all the way into town just for a couple of mail. Anyway, GPO is the one that sorts the mail and then delivers the relevant mail to the various post offices even all the way to Malindi.

Therefore, just including my couple of mails once in a while, one would understand, is not such a big issue. Also, I'm already paying an exorbitant rental for my small box at the GPO which one would think would cover any expense, if there was any, in forwarding my less than 10 mails a month to the Mkomani branch.

Well, since I made 'noise' about my missing mail (and this was not necessarily because the mail was being sent to Mkomani as my missing mail issues go back many years even when l lived in town), this year, suddenly everybody has started blaming the fact that I get my mail at Mkomani, as one of the reasons. This is NOT true! Also, when I went to see the Regional Manager two weeks ago regarding my current registered mail (from India), on the 4th of May 2011 and the attitude of his Head post master, Mr. Ahmed, I was told that it was 'illegal' for my mail to be forwarded in this manner to Mkomani and that it should be stopped forthwith! He was not ready to listen to any argument on WHY it was going to be totally inconvenient, expensive and frustrating to go all the way into the town centre to get my mail. The only thing they have done is allowed me to park in their 'yard'.

Yesterday, I crossed the Nyali bridge and if it wasn't for having to go all the way to the GPO, I would have saved myself countless amount of time and money if I hadn't had to go there. In fact, I wasted a lot of time getting through our horrible Mombasa traffic and then accessing the GPO's 'yard' was another time consuming exercise since the lane between Bima Towers and GPO has been closed off (one can only get up to the GPO 'yard'). There were already 3 vehicles there going in opposite directions! It took nearly half an hour before this snarl up was sorted out and I managed to park in the 'yard'.

When I tried to open my box, it wouldn't do so, so I had to walk some more from one counter to another trying to get the supervisor. Of course, by this time I was thoroughly frustrated and very angry for it was the 2nd time in two weeks that this post box key would not open my box.

By the time the Supervisor showed up, I was getting late and was quite tired of all this mess and inconveniences that our POSTA is the cause of and he was good enough to get my mail for me (had to wait some more....), and told me that the lock would need to be changed and that I should give them my two keys and they would do the needful and also apologized for this, thank God.

I tried calling Mr. Khator this morning but they have been in meetings since yesterday, it seems and one wonders what they discuss at these forums - probably how to fleece the renters as much as possible - for when I finally managed to talk to him over the lunch hour, this previously kind and understanding head post master has become like his superior and only talks about changing my box and/or charging me a whole rent of a box for me to be able to get my mail at Mkomani!

Why should I pay the equivalent of two mailboxes when I don't get enough mail in the one box to justify that rental? I cannot understand this needless expense as it's not as if POSTA was going to be making a special trip to Mkomani to deliver my mail IF any. My mail would be coming with the rest of the Mkomani mail. And even if I was to cancel the town mailbox and get one at Mkomani, what will happen if I again move back into town?

Btw, I have just been asking people who come from other countries where they get their mail delivered at home about how much they pay for that service. I was told that they don't pay anything! How strange that the majority of the countries of the world deliver mail to the addresses instead of shoving them into postal boxes where the renters have to pick it up, and yet, this service is free. Very interesting, indeed. And even if they are paying for this, it would be thoroughly worth it, I think.

So, isn't POSTA out of make a fast buck at the expense of their users? And they even consider it illegal to just forward a couple of mail to a branch neighbourhood post office? I wonder what would happen if a person got totally incapacitated and could not to go to pick up their mail from any of our questionable post offices? Oh, and if they are thinking of the answer that we should send somebody to do this for us, then, I have a further question - what if they were alone (like I am), and didn't have somebody to do this for them? Do our various 'service' providers ever think along these lines? In the current scenario, there is the needless expense and inconveniencing somebody to the point of irritation and frustration.

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