Monday, May 2, 2011

Nobody available.....

Of course, I will not be able to send this till such a time that I can go online with the Orange 3G modem.

Since the rains started, the couple of weeks of relief, regarding the signal on the modem where I stay which had improved, has gone back to being the way it was previously. We truly live in a typical banana republic as officialdom is NEVER available even if and when they claim that they will be during the holidays.

All of the people whom I have been trying to call are either not answering the phones or they have switched them off! In the meantime, my emails are accumulating.

Despite having told the various employees of Orange about their SMS balance enquiry number that it does not work and getting an assurance that they will do something about that, too, NOTHING has been done and we use their modem (when it works), in a fog. We have absolutely no idea how much balance still remains after every session of going online.

Why are the various 'service' providers in this country so irresponsible regarding their work. Have they no work ethic? They are some of the most infuriating people on earth!

When will something be done about the above mentioned modem problems?

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