Tuesday, May 3, 2011

96th, 97th, 98th, 99th, 100th, 101st,...... outages

Since the rains started, the number of outages in Nyali have increased. One wonders why...

In fact, when KPLC's 3 staff members attended our NCRRA meeting early this year, they promised that these outages would soon be a thing of the past and we even believed them, because for a while they did reduce.

But, now that the rains have started, and like everything else in this banana republic, all infrastructure somehow collapses, including an uninterrupted power supply. In fact, KPLC blames everything but it's questionable work.

For some reason, these excuses of a tree falling on their lines, a signboard touching their lines and short circuiting their lines, etc., have become a very common excuse and we are tired of hearing these recycled excuses. The reason being that it's strange that these same things don't happen so often during the dry spell. How come?

Btw, we the public are equally to blame, for we cut trees left, right and centre with complete abandon (especially in Coast province), put up buildings all over the place with no plan or thought about the neighbourhood and the various services it will require. In face, a while ago, a reporter friend of mine made a very interesting comment about Kenyans having a 'fear' of any green open space. As soon as they see one, they are out to buy and build on it and to hell with playing and recreational areas for the public. And that's where the tree cutting also comes in. Most of these people can't seem to stand a tree which is minding it's own business and giving cool shade to boot!

So, with all these 'interesting' crackpots among us, the KPLC has ample excuses for their power failures.

In fact, since morning we have had 3 - first was early in the morning which lasted nearly an hour, then, there was a fluctuation around 9.30 am and just now at 6.30 pm we had another outage of over half an hour. We are getting very tired of our various electrical equipment packing up on us. I think it's high time we took KPLC to task for the damages, don't you?

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