Sunday, March 12, 2017

What is wrong with Orange Telkom?

It has been nearly 2 weeks now that in the process of so-called upgrading to 4G, Orange Telkom has only been available on and off on a 'speed' of dial-up or less, if at all!

Trying to get any of their employees to give an explanation on when things will be 'normal', gets one nowhere since they have a habit of not answering their phones. This maybe because, they do not want to tell their customers the truth. I wonder what they are trying to hide....?!

They also, I have been told, do not work on weekends, doesn't matter that the few customers (compared to the other networks), that they still have, cannot reliably connect to the rest of the outside world, i.e. get back to the 21st Century.

So, what happens is total frustration - phones not being answered as well as we cannot reliably connect to the WWW! Because, while doing some work online, one suddenly get disconnected and then starts the saga of trying to switch your computer and modem on/off umpteen numbers of times in the hope that this action will somehow reconnect you to the Internet.

But, in the process, you might have lost a lot of work that you had already done..... not to mention all this leads to a waste of precious time.

What is wrong with  Orange Telkom and WHEN if EVER are they going to be a reliable company?

In fact, while I am writing this, we've gone offline, yet, again....

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