Wednesday, March 8, 2017

NHIF payments..

I went to a clinic today where they accept our NHIF cards. After I gave my card to the receptionist, she checked if my payment was up to date.

After a few moments, she came back to me and very politely told me to please update my payments on it as it showed a very low balance!

I informed her that my payment to NHIF was fully paid up to at least April 2017. She insisted that the card did not show this and that to get in touch with NHIF immediately and inform them of this fact.

This I did as soon as I got back home. One of their numbers was not being answered, so I tried another (all of them in Nairobi as the Mombasa ones are NEVER answered!). It was answered quite fast, but, after I told the receptionist about my problem, she put me on hold for over 2 minutes and never got back to me, so I hung up.

I tried the same number after a few minutes and again it was answered immediately and the person at the other end asked me my problem which I related. She then asked for my ID number and mobile number both of which I supplied. I was told to hang up and wait for somebody to call me on the number I had given her and would not share any more details. All very mysterious. 

The above calls and conversation took place at about 3.00 pm. It is now past 5.30 pm, but nobody has called me from NHIF and I do not believe that they will.

Lots of questions started swirling in my head immediately that the clinic had told me about my NHIF card showing some very strange amount on it.

1. I have never used the card since I got it early last year, so how come it did not show ALL of the amount I've been paying them all this time?

2. What is it supposed to show anyway?

3. Since they have not been updating my card efficiently and keeping track of my payments, what happens if and when, I am so ill that I cannot show the clinic or the hospital where I am admitted the proof of payment via Mpesa on my phone? What will the medical institution do when my card does not show all these payments?

4. Why, when I  called NHIF Nairobi regarding my card update, did the receptionist behave in the way she did?

5. Why haven't I still heard from them, yet? And will I ever do....?! 

6. So now, what happens?
All the above thoughts are still going through my mind and which also make me very angry. Angry at our so-called institutions whom we pay through our collective noses, but get NOTHING in return. Total unaccountability and irresponsible attitude.

Yet, just this morning we read that the poor medical personnel who have been trying to get justice, have been trashed and told arrogantly to return to work or else become jobless.

Is it any wonder that we are seriously suffering a braindrain in this country? Everybody who can and have the opportunity are leaving. It's pathetic.

How come the citizens who are paying our useless politicians who do the least amount of work, but have awarded themselves obscene amounts of remuneration, were told by their employers (us Kenyans), that we will stop paying them a cent till they do some honest amount of work on OUR BEHALF, for once?!

Let us see, if they like it? Maybe, then they will understand the Medics' plight.

All this is connected with our NHIF payments. Where is the money going?

I  need answers, pronto!

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