Thursday, August 27, 2015

Noise from the ASK Showground

It is now past 1.00 am in the morning (midnight), and most of us who live within hearing distance (and this distance can be measured not in metres, but in kilometres), of this contentious showground cannot get any sleep thanks to the continuous boom, boom kind of racket that is coming from there since this morning.

In the daytime it is not so obvious, but still  disturbing as it goes on and on.....

Now, it's night and it is terrible. Can the various officialdom in-charge of noise pollution PLEASE do their work and get these people to stop henceforth or get out of town with their yearly, nearly a week long racket?!

And if 'officialdom' thinks that they can assign a bedtime for the showgrounds near and far neighbours of 11.00 pm, like they do with other noisy events like weddings, etc., they had better NOT have this noise AT ALL HOURS! We want to live with as little noise as possible in our houses, please.

We are very fed up!!!!

Raziya (member of NCRRA on the environment committee)

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