Sunday, August 9, 2015

Kenya power acting up, again!

I haven't written in quite a while regarding the questionable 'services' of our monopolistic power company, but, it's 'activities' of the past nearly two weeks compels me to do so.

Since, that Tuesday evening when some problem in Kipevu plunged most of Mombasa Island and the North Coast into darkness at least three times within minutes of each other, Kipevu has been the reason for all the subsequent outages we have been having, since.

At least, this is what Kenya Power tells us when asked.

Now, the other reason we have to wait for over an hour or more for power to be restored of late is that there is NOBODY out at Kipevu (it seems), who can fix the problem and a team has to get there from town and hence, the long waiting period.

Considering that Kipevu can only be accessed via two routes - via our perpetually traffic jammed Makupa Causeway and the other through KPA, which is equally jammed most times (I think), this accounts for the long time frame before we rejoin the 21st Century!

My question to Kenya Power is - why don't they station a team in Kipevu so that the waiting problem can be reduced? Also, what is it about Kipevu that it is the source of such outages, in the first place?

We, in Nyali, have been experiencing almost DAILY outages since that 'dark' Tuesday. Why?

Of course, there are other issues, too, but, I will write about those in due course, Insha'Allah.

Awaiting a response.

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