Saturday, April 26, 2014

The height of insolence and third class 'service'!

As if to  show their 'power' at holding the whole country at their mercy and impose their monopoly on us, this disgusting company switched off our power yesterday for  over 12 hours!!!!

While they are supposed to have advertized in the media that they would be switching off till 5.00 pm, they are not a company that keeps it's times or word.

When this time came and passed, I  called the Regional Manager here (Mombasa), since nobody else was answering, and while he answered initially telling me that they were restoring it  in phases and it  would be back in a few minutes before dark, this did not happen.

Well, as usual, these people think nothing of telling you untruths and last night was one of  them.

When darkness descended with still no power, I tried calling his number yet again, but this  time the prompt voice kept claiming that his number was 'unrecognizable'!

I  must ask Safaricom, how these people manage to programme their phones into  doing this. This is the second 'official' from Kenya Power whose phone has been telling me that his number is unrecognizable, yet, a little while before, I had talked to  him on the the same number.

I have also found that my emails to them with 'CCs' to the media really bothers them, but, unfortunately not enough to give their consumers a reliable and efficient service. How sad.

Yesterday, due to their over 12 hours outage in this extreme heat, our refrigerators defrosted and things started going off. Are they going to compensate us? And should they, what kind of hassles are they going to make us go through to do so?

So anybody out there who deals with affordable Solar and/or wind power, could please come forward so that we could give this monopolistic and awful company a good kick out of business?!

We are all collectively FED UP and would like them to depart and others more accountable and professional to take their place with affordable services.

We still do not know the cause of  their over 12 hours of so-called 'maintenance' outage,  yesterday....

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