Saturday, April 26, 2014

Outages continue unabated....

What is the matter with our monopolistic and highly inefficient and unaccountable and insolent power company?

Since last Saturday evening, power in Nyali seems to have returned to it previous ridiculous unpredictable ways.

On that day, they first told me that it would be back in about half an hour (they can never restore it in anything less than this time, it seems), but when this period came and went, I  was told that it would take longer and this  time they wouldn't commit themselves. It did not return till after 2 hours!!! No reason other than a problem at Kipevu was given.

The second time it went off was on Tuesday evening and this time it took a little longer than half an hour to return.

Last night was the 3rd time in the week when it went off again and did not come back till after over an hour at least in our neighbourhood but in other places it took even longer.

Other than yesterday, when  no reason was given for the outage, the previous ones were blamed on Kipevu and some problem further afield.

Now, in this unbearable heat the people who answer expect you to keep your temper. One needs to be of angelic disposition to be this way and especially when you are given no reason or time scale that you will suffer in this awful heat not to mention that the suffering it is going to cause due to health reasons.

Now to come back to this awful company's plan of imposing pre-paid meters everywhere. This will make them take our money IN ADVANCE for shoddy services and they will become even more unaccountable and insolent because, with power surges our meters will run at top speed eating away at our hard earned credit and spoiling our electrical devices and the same goes for fluctuations. Unfortunately, they will then least be bothered about entertaining our complaints. After all they will have been paid for their questionable services in advance like most other 'services' in this banana republic of ours, they won't be bothered....

So how is Kenya Power going to deal with their shoddy services when people are on pre-paid? After all they have been promising us for  YEARS that it will improve but has not done so...., yet.

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