Thursday, March 6, 2014

Now that rains are supposedly here...

At the first clap of thunder and lightening last night, the lights went off at around midnight!

Does this mean that now that our rainy season seems to have started, this will be the norm where we spend an unbelievable amount of time in darkness not being able to join the 21st Century with all that the rest of humanity does, but, we in Kenya and in particular our little 'banana republic' style, Mombasa  with its numerous residents will be spending time twiddling their thumbs waiting for hours on end for power to return to be able to continue with their lives as best they can and getting highly frustrated in the process?

Since midnight last night we have lost power 5 times and it takes Kenya Power (really?), an average of over an hour to restore it. They also do not answer their phones as they are always wont to do.

So, Kenya Power (?), could you please let us in Mombasa and in particular Nyali residents know what kind of improvement you have been gloating to us that you have been doing since last year? Telling us that these outages will be a thing of the past and they still are not? When will they be?

Then, you have the temerity to even think of putting us on pre-paid meters where you will then completely wash your collective hands of any responsibilities regarding our power expenses. When we are post paid we at least have a way of coming to you with contentious bills but with pre-paid we will have no way of disputing hiked up charges. You will be having all the advantages when our meters run out of control due to power surges etc., and we try to get this through to you.

So, Mombasa residents take care before you agree to this utter nonsense of pre-paid till Kenya Power can guarantee to supply us with clean and 
reliable power..... IF, they can!

Do not agree to pre-paid as you will end up paying more at the end of the month than your post paid bills. There are also many other contentious issues where Kenya Power will not even entertain your complains. I can see nothing but frustrations for us and many headaches while they will be sitting pretty without a single problem on their hands. They will be dangling the fact that if we do not keep topping up come what may, we will be the losers, not them - long story short.

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