Sunday, March 16, 2014

Now, fluctuations...

Despite my email of yesterday, we spent the whole evening, the whole night and this morning dealing with fluctuations. 

Those of us who have devices to  protect us from this 'dirty' and damaging power constantly found them switching from red to orange and back again.

Trying to  call Kenya Power again proved an exercise in futility. And btw, when it tells us to report these incidences on Twitter, may I bring them back to the country they are expecting this in - that when we do not have power, many of us do not also have access to the Internet since our devices are connected to this power. Then, not everybody has a twitter account and the majority are not even connected to the Internet!!!

So, please find another way for your consumers to inform you about your shoddy services since you refuse to  answer phones.

Maybe we can go back to learning how to communicate via drumbeats and/or smoke signals...?

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