Sunday, January 27, 2013

action - re: AIRTEL Services!


Following are some very serious complaints re Airtel lines in the country. Yet, the company does not seem to be addressing the issues effectively. Why? Are they party to some kind of scam?

Btw, I thought that +254 is the code number for Kenya. So, why is it being used for something else?

I'm sending this whole email as rec'ved from a friend to others including Airtel.


asalamu alaikum

please excuse the delay in sending you this - did not have a computer and its only now that i am in a cyber -- just for this!!! hope people get better  and a honest service
this issue is still very current, in fact on thursday, in Money the issue of 1/- was tackled!!
 To all those who may be concerned,

i refer to an item today in the celebrated column, The Watchman, about
people subscribed unwarily to the +254 by the mobile telephony
provider, Airtel...

if one has any time to checkout the Airtel facebook page, he/she will
note people have massive
problems with Airtel some of which are never resolved....

Please check out this particular link for one such complaint:

Jacob Otieno > Airtel Kenya
How to I take off these clowns that keep on sending me Wap downloads
and deduct 30bob?
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Johannes Masinde Makokha
Airtel pls dont make us run
away, i subscribe to club 10,you deduct money, no service, i subscribe
to daily data internet no service, am just bored, i call your customer
service they dont
answer, pls give me two reason as to why i should be your customer?
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Airtel Kenya
Hi please send STOP to the
number sending you the
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Jacob Otieno
The number is not going through 5503
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Airtel Kenya
Have you sent STOP to 5503?What error do you get?
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Jacob Otieno
I have sent and the text just hungs. Its not going. It just says
Message Sending failed
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M Muneer Khandwalla
maybe they are tired of you, jacob
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Jacob Otieno
Hahaha... Muneer, am one of their faithful clients and they know it
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Alexia Wawesh
Jacob kumbe am not the only one? I keep sending STOP hadi I have given
up.It refuses to go away.I even stopped topping up the line.
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Mbete Mbete
hahaha! poleni. rudini nyumbani Safaricom......
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Jacob Otieno
Alexia, we are together. Have been doing that but the day before they
deducted while talking to someone, @Mbete, sirudi Misri. Huko sasa
ndio walinikamua na wanazidi na mpesa
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Airtel Kenya
Jacob Otieno Alexia Wawesh
Please inbox us your number and the short code number we assist further
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Betty Yammycakes
Jacob and Alexia, let me know how that goes. If positive, i'll get me
one of those airtel lines.
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M Muneer Khandwalla
these txt senders are programmed to be sending those fake txt
periodically and are sent by one oxygen something company, for every
txt they send, the receipient is charged ksh30 and the sad part is
that, they don't tell you how to stop receiving the txts - and airtel,
who are the party who deliver the txt, and collect the cash, just
shrug their shoulders and say tell them to stop and of course, it is
in the interest of both the sender and airtel to continue with the
scam because they reap millions from it daily - it is such a gutter,
low down method of making money and airtel revels in it!
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Jacob Otieno
I sent them my number and hope it will end. Imagine they used to send
it at 2am. You are woken up by a text only to realise 30 bob and sleep
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Betty Yammycakes
Seems Airtel specializes in defrauding loyal clients. Wonder if i
realy want 2 deliberately hang a noose around my thanks
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Jacob Otieno
Betty, afadhali airtel. Safcom ndio wanakamua mpaka wanachinja. I had
to run. Its only this incidence that I incurred which I think is from
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M Muneer Khandwalla
jacob otieno, have you ever played those internet games asking you
your IQ or how that ballerina is dancing and they ask for your number
to txt you a question? well, thats a trap - what airtel and those guys
conveniently don't tell you that they will forever send you fake txt
which eventually add up to more than than the dowry you'd pay for your
beautiful wife....
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M Muneer Khandwalla
Betty Yammycakes, also airtel have subscribed millions of the unwary
to +254, and also to hello tunes and then charge them ksh1/- daily
which they are unaware of and not consented to, and remember there is
not much tangible benefit from this +254 - you get fake free facebook
and twitter (both text only - no pics), whats sooo beneficial about
that? and then they'll also charge for the hello tunes...
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