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Re: The opaque workings of Kenya Power...

Assalamu alaikum!

I don't know why you can't stick to English when responding to my emails. I think I've told you previously that when I went to school, Swahili had not been introduced yet and hence, do not speak or understand the language properly.

I would appreciate it if you would keep this in mind when corresponding with me.

Your latest email is mostly written in Swahili and therefore am totally at sea as to what you're trying to say.

I do not believe in tribalism as we are all first and foremost KENYANS and then anything else. Now, regarding our so-called representatives in govt., - that is totally our problem (Coast Province), and we have nobody to blame but ourselves for electing half baked (both in literacy and morals), people. Despite knowing what and who were trying to stand for 'office', we still got carried away and put them there! I for one have been writing about this issue even supported by photographic evidence, but, NOBODY has paid any attention to what I wrote.

If you'll visit my blog and get to the election years, you'll find all of this info, there. Please visit my blog and read what I've photographed and written over the YEARS!!!

Btw, my blog address is -

Do people at the Coast Province, especially, really have a criteria as to whom they will stand behind, i.e. what the person's moral standing is, his/her education, his/her working history, etc.? Or are they just going for loud mouths, i.e. people claiming what they can do for us? What proof can they offer us?

Btw, what is Suleiman Shahbal by profession? And how is he in that profession, I mean his reputation, etc. First, does he have a respect for time? And what has he delivered till now other than promises like all the others?

Believe me, I refuse totally to go and grovel at these people's feet or doors to ask for favours and that's probably the reason that our useless Council literally stole my council flat and everything that it contained on the 31st of Dec 2009. You'll find that account, too, in my blog. And did you know that this Council still has not answered the lawyer's letter that was sent to them, i.e. the current Town Clerk, Mr. Tubman Otieno?

Now, I hope and pray that you will begin to understand why I have no time for politicians, especially the Kenyan variety!


On 6/2/2012 11:29 AM, Hussein A Abbas Al Hussein wrote:

Waalaykum Salam ,

Dear Raziya ,

Am with you 100% but some times we have to face them as when you go to those
who are suppose to service us they will tell you why don't you go to your area leader etc .

One thing I want you to know is that , we are going to face them on such problems
and ask them what have they done ???. Am keeping all the informations and then fire
them when the day comes and they stand to ask for our votes .

Raziya , I said Gov to be Suleman Shahbal Inshallah , cause when you look at the person
face you can judge him/her . We are grown up people . The way how he talks what in
short period he has done . Well we are not sure he will do the job as required , but we
have to change them all the old ones they go and rest now even though they have done
nothing . We have suffer allot its really shame to them when they stand am the MP of
so and so while for the last foru 4 years they have not had any meeting to face their
people and know what is their problems . Sasa now they have start to shower some funds
come to the meeting so and so is coming to hear them . Just imagine who is coming a
person from up Country and representing us here in Mombasa or Coast Province what
they need is their people to vote for them . The problem we as Coast People don't come
out in force to vote so we will be like this suffering and no one to help us .

Just look like Mombasa now chafu haina maana hatta niaibu na look who are the leaders
most of them jamaa zetu lakini hawana maana kazi zao kufuwata matajiri ku renew licence
zao na kupasisha majumba yao wajenge watakavo . leo nyumba ghorofa 4 hatta lift haina
shariya ile ya Council kuwa nyumba onlyghorofa 3 ndiyo ambayo hazina haja kuwa na Lift.
leo mtu aumwa na yuko ghorofa ya 4 hatta akifika chini jee atakuwa hai kama ni serious ???.
Haya twendeni tutafika .   


Hussein Abbas    

Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2012 22:34:07 +0300
Subject: Re: FW: The opaque workings of Kenya Power...

Assalamu alaikum!

Why should we ask politicians' help in solving our perpetual power or any other service problem? This is exactly why they seem to be under the impression that they are indispensable and get a big head like they are God's gift to us!

This is also why every service provision in this country gets politicized, too. Until and unless these questionable politicos get involved NOTHING gets done and that too if they think that the people demanding service are on their side. If, God forbid, they are not, then, no service or justice for them!!!

The so-called service providers should and MUST, as part of their work and profession deliver the service. Not because of some overly paid, useless politician, most of whom are out there simply spewing hot air and polluting the atmosphere with all talk and hardly any actual ACTION!!!

I simply have no use for them. The upcoming ones (who are not re-cycled), will have to really work hard, before, during and after (if they get elected), to convince me, at least, that they are any different from all the current ones. Also, why are you calling Mr. Suleiman Shahbal, Governor? He's not one, yet! And I think most Kenyans have now come of age regarding this and I have lots of company in my way of thinking.

As I've said many, many times, I'm very, very tired and FED UP of what we currently have out there.


On 6/1/2012 8:35 PM, Hussein A Abbas Al Hussein wrote:

Dear Dr. Alfred Mutua ,

We need your help please its really too much now .

We also kindly request Gov. to be Suleman Shahbal and Hon Shk Dor 
to follow up with KPLC what's going on with them they know how
to charge and bring Bills for 3 months at one go . Delay in payment
the power goes out without any delays . This problem is because
of the building coming up on daily basis and also buildings going
high to 4/5 without lifts . How come this Municipality approved such
buildings ???. No plan nor thinking even kwa inside areas like Old Town
let them visit and see how the buildings are coming .

We also kindly request the Human Rights expert to do the same .
Let all of them come back with the report . What are they doing in such
situations .

Hussein Abbas
KADDU , NEC Member and Rep. for Coast Province
Mobile : 0720612905
Mombasa , Kenya


Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 23:56:01 +0300
Subject: The opaque workings of Kenya Power...

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Subject: The opaque workings of Kenya Power...
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Since the beginning of this week, our redoubtable 'power' company has again started it's obnoxious business of plunging most of North Coast into darkness without a word of warning, apology or explanation.

As usual, their phones go unanswered for HOURS on end and when finally, one is picked up, they can offer no explanation or even be able to tell us when we'll return to the 21st Century, again from the dark ages!

It seems that Kenya Power, like the National Security, has a policy of being highly secretive about it's operations. The last time (about a week ago), when they gave a full page advert/explanation by their CEO in the Weekend Star, I even felt a twinge of guilt for picking on them everytime we have an outage, but, not anymore. Not after the past couple of days and especially today.

How can a power company which charges an arm and a leg function in such an unprofessional, unethical, irresponsible and haphazard manner? How dare they have such insolent employees who do not care about answering their phones, who have phantom emergency numbers which hardly ever work or are answered effectively (they have discovered the automated answer system which tells you to wait till a line is free and one can hold on for ages as though one was calling a toll-free number), and satisfactorily from the customer's point of view, of course.

In fact, should we miraculously manage to get through to a human at the emergency number, we will find that they are totally at sea regarding your outage! They are a very frustrating lot while some are quite impertinent, too.

Just before I started writing this email, we had two very quick outages of a couple of minutes. Why? After all, we haven't had power most of the day starting very early in the morning around 4.30 am. Of course, as I mentioned earlier we've been having early morning outages the past couple of days and also later in the evening around sunset. And while today's first outage lasted for nearly 5 hours (it came back at around 10.45 am), we lost it again, after an hour, and it continued that way - off and on for most of the day.

How long is this going to continue and at what point will Kenya Power get its act together and give us a continuous and predictable supply without suddenly without warning force us to travel through time (they've discovered the secret of time travel of science fiction!), when artificial light/electricity had not been discovered, yet?

And yes, those people of yester years were also as uncouth as the employees of Kenya Power in the way they treated others.


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