Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kenya Power's shoddy 'services'

Why is it that 'officialdom' in this country NEVER speaks the truth? Why is it that when they do open their mouths to supposedly 'explain' something, they hardly EVER abide by what they say?

Therefore, it is no wonder that we, the citizens of this country, have learned to NEVER take them seriously nor do we even pay much attention when these people ('service providers'), are promising us things by a certain time. Hence, our country is still at a point in time, despite being independent for nearly half a century, where one would get the impression that we've just acquired Uhuru!

The few of us who listen when these 'service providers' are spewing hot air into the atmosphere and then take them to task for not walking their talk are very few and far between and therefore persistently ignored by ALL OFFICIALDOM since we are a very small minority and these thugs can afford to sweep us aside and even get told off for interfering. One wonders what we're interfering with.....

Or like the past nearly 2 weeks Nyali has been having continuous outages the latest ones being since 6.15 am this morning. It took ages for me to get hold of an 'official' to inform him about our latest blackout and then it took Kenya Power (Weakness?), over 2 hours to fix it. About an hour later, it went off again. I called various officials. Nobody was answering and when the chief engineer finally did, I was told that they are trying to still fix the problem.

What this persistent problem is, only God and Kenya Power (Weakness), know. IF, they even know and are capable of fixing it on a permanent basis!

Now, to go back to Saturday when we had a countrywide blackout most of the night. On that day, we had already had 5 outages during the day. The one at night was the 6th one.

How is one supposed to live with this kind of uncertainty? Who will pay for the damage done to life, limb and property as a result? This will result when this useless company suddenly throws us into darkness in the night. While the majority of the citizens of the country are young people, there are many old and infirm ones, too. These suffer unbelievably when they get disoriented due to the sudden outage, fall and get badly hurt even breaking limbs at times. Will Kenya Power be responsible for these citizens' medical bills and subsequent rehabilitation? In more accountable and responsible countries (I thought Kenya was trying to be that way...), they take responsibility.

When food goes off despite being in the freezer due to outages that last for hours on end and because of this, people get sick and/or the food is not fit enough to be eaten and/or the fridge gets spoilt despite using sollatek devices to protect them. Will Kenya Power take responsibility for that, too?

And why is it that Kenya Power which was supposed to disconnect us from the main Kisauni line (have substations all over), sometime last year, has still not kept it's word and we are still having outages that affect everybody from Kisauni, Mishomoroni, Nyali, etc., all together.

This is the part I am talking about regarding them walking their talk. Three representatives from Kenya Power had attended our North Coast Residents & Rate Payers Association (NCRRA) meeting, early last year and we were told to have 'patience' as our problems were soon going to be a thing of the past  latest by the end of last year.

But, it seems that NOTHING of the sort was being done and if it was, it is not being done on time. Hence, these engineers always telling me to have patience! Unfortunately for them, I no longer have this patience since we have been independent for nearly 50 years and we should have been on the way to being a very accountable and responsible country. Instead, we are still grovelling in the same old holes of unethical, irresponsible, unprofessional, corrupt atmosphere.

The Kenya Power company does not seem to believe in telling the truth and sticking to it and their word. One gets the feeling that they are hiding something from the general public which is one of the reasons that we are losing confidence in their capabilities for supplying us with a consistent and predictable power supply. Otherwise, we will NEVER progress for we require electricity in every aspect of modern life. Instead Kenya Power is taking us back to prehistoric times!

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