Saturday, August 27, 2011

Today changes with Orange...... REALLY?

The above mentioned 'new face' of Orange Telkom is NOT new, i.e. they are as inefficient and unaccountable as ever and like KPLC which became Kenya Power - nothing has changed regarding either of these two companies. Ironically, both have connections to our bloated and equally unaccountable government.

I discovered on Thursday that despite having invested in an Orange 3G modem late last year, their new product, D-Link Wi-Fi, if one wants to invest in it, makes no concessions for people who already have a 3G modem. The package comes with one. So, my question to 'new' Orange is, 'What does one do with the one that one already has? What a waste of money in this day of trying economic times! After all, it is the same kind of modem that this product comes with, so why should one buy another.

The insensitive staff at the Orange shop in Nyali flippantly told me to give it away to somebody as though the 3000/- (less 1/-), I paid for it, grew on trees! And even these (the real trees), are being decimated by environment unfriendly Kenyans.

Will the 'new' Orange please, come up with a solution to the above mentioned dilemma of it's customers, please? Otherwise, they will give the impression to the public that they are out to make a fast and dishonest buck.


Anonymous said...

I bought Internet Everywhere for 3000 (not less 1.00!) then came Internet 3G+ and I asked the same question and I was given the same answer! Like a fool I bought the gudget! Now I'm told to buy yet another! What happened to "upgrading"???

Raziya Mohamedali said...

It would seem that Orange is out to make a fast buck and could not be bothered to join the 21st Century's up-grading community!