Saturday, August 27, 2011

No reply or response....


Since 8.30 am this morning the power suddenly went off and when the newly named Kenya Power (formerly Kenya Weakness & Darkness and it's attitude is still the same!), officials were called they at first said it was coming back in 10 minutes. Then, when nearly 20 minutes had passed with no sign of 'life', I called again and was told that he would call me in 5 minutes.

This was nearly 2 hours ago and despite calling the same numbers which now are not being answered or are busy, the power is still not back and there's no explanation as to why it has suddenly gone off messing us up, yet again!

By changing it's name KPLC has definitely NOT changed it's service provision or anything else for that matter. So, why bother?

Are they EVER going to explain themselves and their shoddy 'services' to their consumers? In this country insolence is a way of life for 'service' providers and they take their clients for granted. Are we going to be spending the rest of the day and probably part of the night in darkness? And why did the power suddenly go off without any warning?

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