Tuesday, September 14, 2010

63rd, 64th, 65th, 66th & 67th outage....

One of the reasons that Muslims in this town believe that they are deliberately being targeted by KPLC and our Water Company, is because they always claim to have more problems than usual from these two service providing companies during the Holy month of Ramadhan. It makes one very suspicious that every year, doesn't matter what time of the year Ramadhan is, since it's follows a lunar calendar, these two service providers will go on the blink more often than otherwise. I wonder why?

The whole month we had problems with outages and most of them used to happen smack at a time when we were about to open our fasts or prepare (late afternoon), something for opening it. There was hardly an explanation forthcoming other than, when pressed, 'there's a problem at Kipevu'!

Then to make things more insulting, we had a power outage on Eid day, i.e. Friday morning at a time when we were preparing to go for Eid prayers. Even if the outage stayed only for a few minutes, when everything switches off, we have no idea how long it's gone for and even when and if it will come back, this is no guarantee that it will stay, either.

This is what has been happening without fail, except for Sunday, since Eid day, till yesterday. The power goes off and on, not once, but umpteen times in a day without any warning, of course. Trying to call emergency at first got a prompt response, but, at the last outage, last night, nobody was picking the phone at the emergency, either. Fortunately, power came back within a few minutes.

Today, till now, we haven't had an outage....., yet. But, one never knows and can't relax. I wonder when we'll ever have a time when we didn't get a strong feeling that we live in a banana republic....?

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