Friday, September 3, 2010

60th outage

What a morning this is proving to be, too!

At around 12.30 am (midnight), the power went off and for once I decided not to call emergency thinking that they (KPLC), would be aware of the outage and rectify it in due course. I deduced wrong! When my alarm went off at 3.00 am, which is when I wake up during Ramadhan to say extra prayers and start my fast, we were still in darkness which warranted a call to emergency. I was told that it would come back in a few minutes.

When it did not, I called emergency, again and asked the person answering how long it would take since his 'few minutes' had come and gone without any sign of illumination returning. So, he told me to hang on and called the guys at the sub-station here where the fault lay, and was told that it would take 45 minutes. The reason I was given for the current outage was again a much overused mantra of broken wires at the sub-station, of all places!

Since this sub-station is under lock and key, how did the wire break?! And there is a security guard too, on duty, 24 hours.

And why did it take over 4 hours to fix? And when exactly did the crew start fixing? Since 12.30 am or they did not know anything about it till my call at 3.00 am? Which is when they sent somebody out to have a look and hence the over an hour extra outage time?

This matter about outages does not just involve messing up our lives directly, but, it has an indirect effect, too. Since our water pumps all rely on power to operate, our water supply also gets affected when we have these nasty outages.

And since our water providers are also equally incompetent in supplying us with this precious commodity, we have to rely on water storage tanks and pumps which in turn rely on a steady and predictable supply of power, too. Therefore, both water and power go hand in hand and when we don't have power for any length of time, we don't have water, either.

This state of affairs gets highly infuriating and frustrating when either of these so-called 'service providers' go on the blink! Like this morning, we suddenly had no water in our taps because of this. As it's Ramadhan, it's doubly annoying.

For how much longer is KPLC going to carry on 'working' in this lackadaisical manner?

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