Wednesday, November 6, 2013

An example of a consumer's condition.....

Of course, there are nearly daily outages and fluctuations not just in the daytime but all through the night, too.

Therefore, I will give an example of the average consumer's condition in light of this daily insanity that Kenya Power(?), puts us through.

Take today - We were unceremoniously plunged into darkness at a very early hour of the morning - 3.00 am. If a consumer is incapacitated, ill, old, etc., this sudden outage is liable to be highly dangerous if the person is up and about. And there are many examples of old and infirm people getting hurt which even results in a death!

Muslims in Nyali, like elsewhere in Mombasa, get up for early morning prayers before 5.00 am and this we did in darkness and even said part of our prayers in darkness when mercifully the power returned at around 5.00 am.

Then, an hour later, it went off again. 

Since, we now had to prepare for a day of work (whatever that might be), and since we could not  get any sense out of this company, we tried making do  with alternative sources of light and carried on.

When we do manage to get through to somebody who might know of the problem, they hardly ever tell us the truth regarding the cause or the time we will get 'normal' supply back with any conviction.

This outage lasted for more than 2 hours and though it came back, it went off again barely 3 minutes later! The next time we saw 'light' was another 45 minutes to an hour.

Ah, we thought, naively, now we can carry on with our normal activities most of which involve the consumption of  power.

But, it was not to be. For again, without warning it went off at around 11.00 am. Despite being told by an engineer of this company that it would be back in about half an hour, it wasn't back till over an hour later!

Can this nasty company please tell us how we can live in this manner day in, day out?

We can never plan our day for one thing, which causes a lot of problems.

Then, being one of the highest taxed countries in the world (yes, even at times higher than the so-called developed ones), we get no proper services of any kind in return.

In fact, we are sometimes intimidated and rubished by officialdom or supposed 'service providers' all over. Why?

These people are unprofessional, unethical, corrupt, unaccountable and at times extremely arrogant!

Can the recipients of this email please tell the average Kenyan citizen, why we should continue paying taxes through our proverbial noses not once but at times twice and thrice over for the same commodity?

It reminds one of medieval Europe when the rulers of various countries there kept the 'serfs' subjugated by taxing them unbearably. But our leaders should also remind themselves of the consequences that those countries went through as a result when the serfs decided that they had had enough.

Please, learn from history and try not to repeat it.

We are totally FED UP!

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