Monday, August 6, 2012

Minister of Education, Mr. Mutula's unsavoury comments

I was quite surprised and disgusted that a Minister of Education should promote indecency in our schools by allowing mini-skirts as part of the school uniform and calling the current rules and regulations as outdated!

Has it escaped the minister's notice that defiling (even by teachers - mostly male), and rape is on the rise in the country? Or does he think that it is considered 'civilized' and modern to have women expose more and more of themselves at a very young age?

Let me remind our minister that our forefathers whom we consider uncivilized as compared to today's definition of the word, used to go around half naked. Therefore, if our girls and women start exposing more and more of themselves, he would be taking us back to that uncivilized state, again, wouldn't he?

Then, there's the matter of likening decent clothing with a religious order, eg. nuns. How would he describe Muslim women who insist on covering, yet, they are not nuns?

Nearly all religious orders insist on a decency of dress, be they Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc. And by making such irresponsible comments he seems to be allowing underage girls to rebel against authority be it, the school or their parents.

In my opinion the schools and the parents should be the ones to decide these kinds of matters - definitely not a Minister and especially of Education. He should have known better and should apologize to all concerned.

Could he please do so?

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