Saturday, July 7, 2012

An article in the Weekend Star of June 23-24, 2012

An article on Classic relationships with Maina and Mwalimu needed another response than the ones they got from the women and one man about naming children after a mother's name rather than the father's.

While I agree with the fact that most of the types of men those women are talking about are total nincompoops, it still does not justify them naming their children after themselves rather than their biological fathers.

Now, before the Kenyan female public out there starts thinking that I'm anti-feminist, I'm not!

Let me give you my reasons...

It is so strange that the non-Muslims among us are forever looking down critically on the fact that Muslims are allowed to marry their cousins.

If, those responders to that article will just think about what their giving their own (female), surnames to their children will lead to.

How many of these women keep track of the men who fathered their children? Because, what they sow out there after they leave these women, will also biologically and legally be their off-springs' siblings....., won't they?

Therefore, while they are critical of Muslims being allowed to marry their cousins, how do they ensure that their children will not get married to their fellow siblings about whose existence they know nothing?!

Which brings me to the matter on hand. By giving the child the original biological father's name they will ensure that their children do not get married to their unknown brothers and/or sisters in the future.

If anybody noticed in that article - there was not a single Muslim who responded. According to Islam, come what may, the child has to be given the biological father's name and the above is one of the reasons for doing so as well as from a legal point of view.

Meaning that the child will carry it's original father's name even if his/her mother marries, again and not the step-father's name. Again for legal and moral reasons. Of course, the children from both sides of this partnership in marriage would be considered siblings and will not be able to marry.

So, can these women please, stop this disgusting practice of giving their surnames to their children instead of their original fathers? 

The consequences are quite sick.

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