Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our water woes and the water kiosks...

It is very strange and suspicious why residents of Mombasa do not get water for days on end, but, the water kiosks, do.

I have always written, talked to various 'water officials' and generally tried to object to these kiosks for years. In an urban setting they are quite ridiculous and hence my repeated likening to Mombasa being treated like a village by our government in more ways than one. This is just one of them.

How come one does not find water kiosks dotting all over Nairobi or any other major town up-country? Why only at the coast? It smacks of backwardness.

One of the reasons I've brought this kiosk topic up after quite a while is not because all is well in this town (I refuse to call it a 'city' since it has none of the amenities a city should have and water is one of them), but, because, I'm really FED UP writing and talking about this issue and had begun to sound like a stuck record! And not one person in the water sector or even at World Bank could be bothered about making any visible improvements.

All that launching of Citizen's report cards, etc., was just a big window dressing set up to hoodwink the public. Nothing more has been heard about it..... or has it?!

Anyway, back to the water kiosks where they get water but, we don't. Why, again? What's their secret that they do? Have some palms been greased, somewhere? Or is politics involved even in this like every service provision in this country?

There is a water kiosk right outside our estate (Umoja), and while we hardly get any fresh water, this kiosk, does!!!! WHY?

Please, somebody out there, answer....

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