Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Re: Continuous outages...

Early this morning the power went off at about 6.45 am. Calling any of the Kenya Power (Weakness), numbers was, also an exercise in futility as nobody, including their so-called emergency numbers, were responding.

Finally after over half an hour, I managed to get through to a Mr. Chama who told me to wait for 30 minutes for them to diagnose the problem. 30 minutes came and went and when I tried calling Mr. Chama, again, he refused to answer the phone though, at times, it had an engaged tone. So, while he was using the phone, he was not answering mine. Is it because, he had no valid answer to my various questions which he knew, he would be inundated with? The same applies to all of the others, too, of course.

Since most of these people know me personally, they avoid talking to me like the plague! This means that they have no valid answer or reason for these numerous outages that we keep suffering from. And by pretending that their answers are akin to breaking an oath of the magnitude of National Security, they are not endearing themselves to those whom they purport to 'serve' - the long suffering Kenyan Public.

This latest outage ended at 9.30 am which is just 15 minutes short of being 3 hours!

A friend who owns a laundry in my neighbourhood also called me after having got thoroughly frustrated trying to get hold of these unaccountable and unethical people and she too, was of the same mind as I. That it's high time we took some drastic action like giving Kenya Power legal notice to either give us proper 'service' or else..... As I've said before, we are getting VERY FED UP with the way this and other 'service' providers work and it's time that they were taught a lesson in being efficient and accountable and answerable for what they claim to do. After all, we pay through our noses for their 'services' and in the case of power, due to their current behaviour, our umpteen electrical devices including those that are supposed to protect them (Sollatek), all start packing up leading us to waste more money than save, in trying to get them either fixed or replaced. So, we're soon going to give them the 'surprise' of their lives by asking them to account for the way they work and compensate us for the damages incurred, i.e. legal action as they do in other more 'civilized' countries.

They had better get used to this if our officialdom is planning to make us industrialized by 2030. That's how those countries became that way - by being very efficient and accountable and ethical. Unfortunately, the gang at Kenya Power (Weakness), is anything but that.


On 9/13/2011 9:37 AM, Raziya wrote:

Last night, starting just after sunset and before 7.00 pm, we had our first outage which lasted for nearly an hour. The next started at around 8.30 pm and carried on for longer and Eng. Mbaluka, as always likes to be very obscure with the reasons for the outages. I personally think he's trying to cover up for their (Kenya Power - Weakness?!), inability to deal with these problems in an effective and permanent manner. He NEVER wants to give the reasons for these outages and fluctuations. I wonder why, if the above is NOT the reason?

In fact, this company is aiding and abetting insecurity in this town due to the frequent outages, especially at nights.

The latest one was a short one this morning and while it lasted for seconds, it still has the capacity to do damage to our electrical devices.

Drastic action is called for by the residents, now, since we're getting very FED UP with this everyday issue.

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