Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lots of frustration ......

As I write this, I'm holding on to my landline phone with Orange Nairobi, trying to get my Orange modem loaded. The reason I had to call their Nairobi offices was because NONE of their Mombasa employees whose numbers I have are answering their phones!

The sms confirmations, etc., that one has to go through to load a bundle and activate it is also not working - countrywide.

When Orange finally did something about the modem signal problem near my place and I can now use their modem, the smses for loading and confirming don't seem to work in a reliable fashion.

Why aren't the Mombasa employees of Orange Telkom picking up their phones? After all it is Saturday and when I first started calling them it was before lunchtime. It took two calls to their Nairobi offices and over an hour before a guy called Paul finally solved and activated my bundle.

Some of their employees, whenever I call them, tell me to call 100 or 121. These hardly ever get answered and when they do, it's an automated voice which tells you to press this, that and the other number to get various 'services'. Now, I'm a hearing impaired person and would like to deal with a human on the other end whom I can request to repeat what s/he, just said in case I didn't understand. How can I ask a machine to do this? Why isn't Orange Telkom a handicapped friendly company, especially since they are into communications?

They should be the first ones to take such a disability seriously. There are many people out there who have similar problems like mine. I am not the only one, though, I might be the only one who is the most vocal about it.

Please, get your act together, Orange Telkom.

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