Saturday, March 12, 2011

How do you say "OH S**T" in Chinese ?

While the following looks disgusting and laughable (only because the block is not occupied), and not so laughable and worse is happening in this country.

Our Town Planners, if they are planning anything responsible and livable, pass highly dangerous plans whose product is questionable and quite unlivable at best.

The buildings that they allow to be put up are substandard and never a thought is given as to the kind of surroundings where they are going to be put up. No thought is given to recreation or play areas for children, yet we have the majority of our population which is very young. Every available space, even the required 7 feet or more between buildings is taken over. In the process we will soon be having no greenery and shady areas in our towns and suburbs - just a questionable and unplanned ugly concrete jungle.

While the rest of the world is trying to be eco-friendly our Town Planners give little thought to such things other than their capacious and corrupt pockets. If all the recipients of this email will cast a glance around their respective neighbourhoods, they will be able to see what I mean.

In fact, I have countless such structures coming up all around mine and despite reporting this matter to NEMA and our Physical Planners, it has made not a jot of difference and the structures continue to be built with total disregard for other neighbours and the environment and nobody raising a voice or a finger to correct this.

We do have the most corrupt and selfish lot out there.....

Unfortunately, the pictures below don't show in the blog but, when you read the comments, you'll probably understand what happened to that building......, I hope.

How do you say "OH S**T" in Chinese?

Anyone who bought an apartment here sure has a problem.

Talk about a collapsed market!



(1) An underground garage was being dug on the south side of

the building, to a depth of 4.6 meters (15 ft).

(2) The excavated dirt was being piled up on the north side of

the building, to a height of 10 meters (32 ft).

(3) They dug right up to the base of the building. Then the rains


(4) The building experienced uneven lateral pressure from

north to south.

(5) This resulted in a lateral pressure of 3,000 tonnes, which was

greater than what the un-reinforced pilings could tolerate. Thus,

the building toppled completely over in a southerly direction.

*First, the apartment building was constructed.*

Then the plan called for an underground garage to be dug out.

The excavated soil was piled up on the other side of the building.

*Heavy rains resulted in water seeping into the ground.*

The building began to tilt. Then it began to shift, and the
"hollow" concrete pilings were snapped due to the uneven
lateral pressures

And thus was born the eighth wonder of the world.

If these buildings were closer together, it would have resulted in

a domino effect.

Notice that there's NO rebar in the pilings! Just some wire mesh.

They built 13 stories on grade, with no basement,
and tied it all down to
hollow pilings with no rebar.

Brought to you by the same folks that make your kids' toys
and want to build your next car.

Now that, folks, is a true snafu.

Don't you feel better now that these are the folks that
manufacture nearly EVERYTHING we buy and use today?

One more product

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