Tuesday, October 19, 2010

68th, 69th & 70th outage......

Since last Sunday (I have not been in town for a couple of weeks before then as well as I am quite tired and fed up of keeping up the counts and which is what most of our unaccountable and shameless officialdom want us to be - get completely exhausted and finally give up our fight for justice and service), KPLC has again provoked me into continuing.

Therefore, while the count is only the 70th, in actual fact, it would have passed 100 most likely.

So, to come back to Sunday. Early in the morning at just before 6.30 am, we were treated to an outage and this time it involved the whole of Mombasa including interestingly their (KPLC's), emergency offices. When I was told this by them when I rang, I guiltily felt little compassion for them and I am sure most people would not. In fact, they would think, 'good, now let them have a taste of their own incompetence!' That day, our power in Nyali did not come back till nearly three and a half hours later. We still haven't had an explanation from them about what happened. Just the usual standard reply that there was a problem at Kipevu.

Subsequently, we had two outages today. One in the morning at about 9.00 am when the power came back soon after I called them and the other in the afternoon when it took a lot longer in showing up, again. Both times, Kipevu was again blamed with no details.

Also, soon after these two outages, we had a couple of nasty (they always are), fluctuations which caused our Sollatek devices to switch all our electronic and electric gadgets off till the power stabilized.

Now, this is equally irritating, time-consuming and disastrous not to mention extremely infuriating. Why does this happens so often? Coupled with outages they are truly messing up our lives and equipment.

Then, people are trying to eradicate poverty! What an irony! In fact, such a faulty system and infrastructure causes more poverty than eradicating it.

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