Sunday, April 25, 2010

These outages....

Considering that most of the North Coast of Mombasa mainland has unpredictable and numerous outages nearly every day, it is not in the least surprising that one cannot find an email address (in this technologically advanced 21st Century), for the Ministry of Energy or one (except an online form) for Kengen, either. Nor one for the Electricity Regulatory Commission (formerly Board). They've changed their name!

You see if they gave their contact emails, i.e. displayed them under contact information at their websites, they would be inundated by a lot of emails from people who might have the courage to write to them about their expensive and shoddy 'services'.

It is also very ridiculous that while on one hand the KPLC advertises that they can connect people 'mara moja', they will not be able to give them an uninterrupted supply. That 'service' will leave a lot to be desired and will be full of frustration for those who get attracted to this prompt 'service'. For they know not what they are letting themselves in for - 'where ignorance is bliss......

Those of us who live in Nyali and it's environs could tell them otherwise.

First, the bills will really floor them when they get them at the end of the month!

Second - despite paying for their connection through their proverbial noses, they will not get a constant and uninterrupted and constant supply. In fact, they will not be able to do any predictable work which involves electricity due to the very real and frustrating thought that the power will and can go off without due notice at any time. And while it might just go for a second or a couple of minutes, whatever they might have been doing using it, will all go to waste due to this erratic 'service'.

Third - when they will try to ring the emergency numbers, most of them will be engaged or not be answered. And if they do get an answer, they will most likely not be given any reasonable reason for these persistent outages and if, like me, they start making noise about this, the person at the other end will either hang up or start making empty promises.

Over a week ago, I had been promised by Mr. Mkomba, that by the end of that week, our outages would be a thing of the past and that we would get a normal and predictable service. But of course, as I have mentioned earlier, this was an empty promise, as usual and it was made under a kind of duress. He had to say this to delay me from writing an email such as the present one, I think.Since then, the power has gone off here umpteen numbers of times and when I've tried calling Mr. Mkomba to remind him of what he had told me, I managed to get through to him only once! Subsequent calls all went unanswered!

The one person who answers is their (KPLC), Customer Relations Manager, Mr. Vidzo. Hats off to him! He tries his level best to give me a sensible answer but, I think he too, is running out of excuses.

Since these constant outages mess up our electrical appliances despite the Sollatek devices (they start misbehaving first), who will be responsible for the unbelievable expense and waste that they cause? Isn't it high time that the people who suffer from these outages get together and sue KPLC for damages?

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