Thursday, January 14, 2010

Persistent outages in Nyali....

Every couple of days, there are outages and/or fluctuations in Nyali. Why?

When we ring the emergency, after asking for the account number, they will tell you that they are sending somebody over. Now, considering the traffic jams on the one and only access road to Nyali, the bridge, one wonders how long this would take from the other side of the Island, for an emergency truck to make it's way all across town in the most awful traffic situations just getting through town.

Therefore, I have a couple of suggestions for KPLC.

1. They open an emergency office in Nyali to deal with the persistent outages here. They seem to be happening every couple of days. How come?

2. They also get their act together and deal with whatever is ailing the Nyali connections. Solve the problem immediately and in the process will not have to waste time and money on petrol and resources to make their way across town to deal with emergencies every other day.

Since they charge us an arm and a leg for this incompetent 'service', they really should solve this persistent problem once and for all or, as I said before, we'll all get together and sue the company for all the damage their outages and fluctuations cause to our electrical gadgets.

And they should also, with immediate effect reduce their tariffs that they charge for their shoddy service.

Btw, I've just rung them up about a half hour ago for the latest outage and am still waiting for the power to be restored. I'm working on battery power. Also, many of their numbers go unanswered. Why? They seem to have no explanation or reply to give to their consumers, I think!

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